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I’ve wanted to make a wonky stars quilt for a while now, and the 4th of July seemed like the perfect occasion to give this a try.

Stargazing quilt in progress

I drew up a plan that involved larger interlocking stars, with a few smaller stars thrown in to give the larger stars some breathing room. I also added some of my favorite Cosmo Cricket ruler fabric into the quilt– I couldn’t resist the vintage-y feel those brought to the quilt top.

stargazing quilt seams

back of the stargazing quilt

I loved the way the back of the quilt top looked hanging on the laundry line– all those little seams for my little stars (each square finished at 4.5 inches, so you can imagine how small those little pieces were)!

small star detail

Alas, I had so many other project to wrap up this past week I didn’t get the quilt done done, but I did manage to finish up the quilt top! I’m sure I’ll quilt it soon, and we’ll have our summer holiday quilt ready for next year!

stargazing quilt top

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

It’s been a while since I rounded up my works in progress to tally them up, and to link up with Lee’s blog! I’ve found that when I finish a project, I get the “real” camera out to snap some photos. But for my everyday stuff– the real behind-the-scenes work– I tend to catch a photo with my phone and post some of them on instagram. So here’s what I’ve got cooking, in a few snapshots from the last week or so:

Almost done with this one

I finished quilting my fat quarter quilt, and I’ve been leisurely hand sewing the binding in the evenings (Simon was keeping an eye on things, as usual). I decided to branch out and try quilting it using the orange peel quilting pattern from Elizabeth from Oh Fransson. I love how it turned out!

Patriotic WIP

I started working on what I’ve been thinking of as my “4th of July” quilt. Wonky stars in 2 sizes, the small ones scrappy.

Fabric for a new project

I pulled this stack of fabric for a new quilt I’m going to start working on soon! I’m really drawn to all the bright colors.

New pillow covers

And I’ve been working on some new pillow covers for on the couch to go with the new quilt. I’m thinking of it as the living room summer makeover! And– as usual– Simon is testing things out, and I think he approves of this pillow. Once I finish sewing these, I’ll have some before and after pics to share!
piecing my single girl rings

first finished single girl ring

And– last but not least, I’m still S-L-O-W-L-Y working on my single girl. I want to finish the quilt top this summer, and I’m thinking of hand quilting it in the fall! It’s queen sized, so that may be crazy. But, since I haven’t ever really hand quilted anything, I don’t know how crazy it is, so I’m probably just going to go for it! If anyone has any words of wisdom (or caution, ha) let me know!

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