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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Hi Friends! Today I’m over at Freshly Pieced with a run-down of my works in progress! If you’d like to read a little about what I’ve been working on, head over and check it out!

Here’s a sneak peek:
hand quilting my single girl

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

It’s been a while since I rounded up my works in progress to tally them up, and to link up with Lee’s blog! I’ve found that when I finish a project, I get the “real” camera out to snap some photos. But for my everyday stuff– the real behind-the-scenes work– I tend to catch a photo with my phone and post some of them on instagram. So here’s what I’ve got cooking, in a few snapshots from the last week or so:

Almost done with this one

I finished quilting my fat quarter quilt, and I’ve been leisurely hand sewing the binding in the evenings (Simon was keeping an eye on things, as usual). I decided to branch out and try quilting it using the orange peel quilting pattern from Elizabeth from Oh Fransson. I love how it turned out!

Patriotic WIP

I started working on what I’ve been thinking of as my “4th of July” quilt. Wonky stars in 2 sizes, the small ones scrappy.

Fabric for a new project

I pulled this stack of fabric for a new quilt I’m going to start working on soon! I’m really drawn to all the bright colors.

New pillow covers

And I’ve been working on some new pillow covers for on the couch to go with the new quilt. I’m thinking of it as the living room summer makeover! And– as usual– Simon is testing things out, and I think he approves of this pillow. Once I finish sewing these, I’ll have some before and after pics to share!
piecing my single girl rings

first finished single girl ring

And– last but not least, I’m still S-L-O-W-L-Y working on my single girl. I want to finish the quilt top this summer, and I’m thinking of hand quilting it in the fall! It’s queen sized, so that may be crazy. But, since I haven’t ever really hand quilted anything, I don’t know how crazy it is, so I’m probably just going to go for it! If anyone has any words of wisdom (or caution, ha) let me know!

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FMF quilt top

I’m excited about this work-in-progress Wednesday report because I’m in the middle of finishing up one of my favorite quilts ever! I’ve been working on this queen sized quilt using flea market fancy prints mixed with solid colors, and I plan to put it on my bed when it’s done. I’ve made many quilts, but not one for my own bed! I’m currently quilting this one, and it’s really making me appreciate smaller quilts!

Also, taking a tally of my projects helps keep things real. I’m definitely a little behind on posting about finished quilts (I think I’ve been doing more sewing than blogging lately), and I have some fun stuff to share here in the next couple of weeks!

I also should note– I finished up and sent my bee block to Rachel this week. Here it is:

August bee block

I also pulled a stack of fabric and started sewing for the flickr swap I’m in. I’m excited with how this stuff is turning out!

Solid fabrics for swap

Stay tuned, I have a few finished quilts I’ll be revealing soon!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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I thought I would do a quick check-in with my projects this Wednesday so I can keep track of everything! First up, this past week I took the time to organize ALL my scraps– which was no small feat! As I had finished projects in the past, the scraps ended up getting tucked somewhere, and not always in the same place. I pulled everything out, ironed them all (yes, and that took a while!) and organized by color.
My motivation? Starting this quilt.

Scrappy green squares

My newest work in progress (WIP) is a quilt I’ve been calling scrappy greens. I’m about halfway done with the sashing for this one, and I’m hoping to finish it up in the next couple of weeks!

Also in progress– I’m sashing my flea market fancy blocks, and need to add a border to the quilt top when it’s done. Hoping to finish this up soon, too!

White background

Sadly I haven’t touched my single girl quilt in a while. But I’ll come back to it! I’d like to finish it by this fall.

first finished single girl ring

And, last night I finished cutting and interfacing pieces for a new Birdie Sling Bag. Can’t wait to finish (and use!) this!

I also am wanting to begin the summer sampler series quilt along, and I picked out some fabrics and plan to start those blocks as soon as I can. I’m excited to start another new project!

If you want to see what others are working on, head over to Lee’s blog!

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I think I need to do an update on my works in progress at least once a month so I can keep track of everything! In the next few weeks I’m trying to finish a lot of these projects, and I’m looking forward to a clean(ish) slate once I get these done!

Quilting in progress

First, I’m literally in the middle of quilting a throw size quilt I’m making as a gift. It is currently shoved about halfway through my machine. This is the most likely to be done soon!

FMF blocks in progress

I also have made more blocks for my flea market fancy quilt. I haven’t trimmed them yet, but I have them up on my wall so I can look at them all the time! I’m still trying to decide on a sashing color…

SUTK fabrics

I pulled this stack of fabric for my Spicing up the Kitchen swap! I need to get that done next week.

fabric for baby quilt

And I have this stack ready to go for a baby quilt. I’m also hoping to get this one done soon!

Plus, I have a couple of under the radar projects I’m planning to blog about soon. I didn’t want to reveal them too soon, since one is a {surprise} gift, and one is my Kona solids challenge quilt for the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild! We’re revealing those at our meeting next week, so I’ll be sharing soon!

first finished single girl ring

I also managed to sew 4 more pieces of my single girl quilt this week! 4 curves = 1 circle. So, I figure if I can sew 1 circle a week, it may take me about… 3 months to finish. This is definitely my long term project! But, I am still enjoying it, and I am excited to see it come together.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Thanks, Lee, for encouraging us to share our WIP’s!

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WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

The last couple of weeks have just been crazy, because J and I have been traveling every weekend. During the weeks when we’re home we’re trying to cram everything else in, including getting the garden all planted! Lately I feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I’ve been wanting to link up with Lee’s Work in Progress Wednesday posts, because I really need to keep track of all of my projects, as they’ve been piling up! I usually sew on the weekends, and since we’ve been out of town so much it’s been hard to keep up.

So– here it is– my list of works in progress! (I hope this will keep me honest, and help me to finish up some old projects before I start more!)

first finished single girl ring
1. Single girl quilt. I am *slowly* making progress on this one! It takes me a while to pin and sew each curved piece, so I’ve decided it’s ok that this is somewhat of a long term project.

FMF blocks closeup
2. Flea Market Fancy quilt. I’ve made a bunch of squares for this quilt, and need to decide on a sashing color. I’m really excited to get back to this one!

Do Good Stitches scrappy bee block
3. Do. Good Stitches quilt. I’ve been working on putting together all the bee blocks for this quilt. I’m hopeful it will be done this weekend! I also just finished my May blocks, which I’ll have a post about soon!

4. 2 secret quilts. Argh, I can’t say more than this, because these are going to be gifts. As of now, they’re both at the planning stage, and I’ve been working on pulling fabric for them both.

5. Birdie Sling Bag. I cut out most of the pieces, but haven’t had time to sew it yet. I need to get to it, I want to start using this bag!

6. Kona cotton challenge quilt. The Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild is having a kona cotton solids challenge, and I’ve been working on my quilt! I won’t be ready to share it until June, but it’s well underway.

Ok, I have a bunch of other ideas and things I’m planning to make (and soon!), but I’m going to cap the list here, because these are the things I’m actually actively working on at the moment!

Lots of others also link up to Lee’s blog on Wednesdays, so check it out to see what others are working on!

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