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Red + Gray Squares quilt

Life has been a little busy around here, to say the least! J and I have some big changes coming up soon, and the planning has been consuming quite a bit of my time! Unfortunately I’ve fallen a bit behind on my blog reading and replying to comments here– so I do apologize for the silence, and I do appreciate everyone who has stopped by my little old blog.

Red + Gray quilt on the porch

I finished this quilt a few months back, and just realized I hadn’t shared any of the pictures! This sucker is queen sized (and was kind of a beast to quilt on my little machine, but I’m proud I managed it!). I love this style of quilt– just improvisational squares, no sashing, and a scrappy red border and binding. I could make a million more quilts this way!

Tough to hold up!

In this photo you can see it was a *little* difficult for Justin to hold it up by himself.

Red + Gray quilt block detail

(I do love those puppies from Sherbert Pips!!)

Red + Gray quilt detail

I didn’t get any pics of the back, because I just used a plain gray flannel sheet. I love how soft and warm this quilt is, it was the best to cuddle under in the winter! I’m sure we’ll get a lot of use out of it when the cold months return.

Red + Gray quilt on the bridge

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