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disappearing 9 patch baby quilt

A little while ago my sister asked me to make a baby quilt for a friend of hers who is having a baby boy. In the nursery they have an undersea theme, so we decided to go with water inspired fabric. I got a few prints from cosmo cricket’s “snorkel” line of fabric, including the backing fabric for this quilt.

disappearing 9 patch baby quilt

quilt on the fence

When deciding on a pattern, my sister suggested the disappearing 9-patch. I previously made her a quilt using this technique, and I’m glad she suggested it for this project– it worked well with the fabric! Good choice, Linds!

quilt on the fence

(My mom was holding the quilt up for me, and was keeping things interesting for me here!)
Mom being silly

We met up with our family earlier this summer, and before I handed over the quilt to my sister I was able to take these photos. Rudy the goat generously let us use his fence to stage some photos, and then thought about taking a bite of the quilt. Luckily we kept it out of goat range!

on the fence

Rudy the goat

Rudy and the baby quilt

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