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tee instructions from class

Last week was my birthday– I finally left my 20’s behind! The week was so much fun and it just flew by! On Tuesday, I took a class with Rae on how to make a t-shirt. I was really looking forward to this class, because you bring in your favorite t-shirt and learn how to make a pattern from it to make a new one.

Rae showing us how its done

This is the first wearable item I’ve made, and I won’t lie– it was a little scary at times! Especially when I was putting in the neckband. But everything worked out fine, and now I have a new shirt that fits perfectly!

side view of my first tee

new tee + favorite bag

The next day I headed out to the park with my mom to take some photos (thanks Mom!), and awkwardly modeled my new shirt (plus, you can catch a peek of a quilt and some new pillows I plan to blog about soon).

modeling my new tee with some of my new pillow covers

We also made time to stop at my favorite thrift shop, and I found this jadeite casserole dish to add to my jadeite collection!

jadeite casserole dish

And we stopped by Pot + Box, the studio/shop where my t-shirt class was held. They have the most beautiful displays and plants for sale, and my mom and I both ended up splurging on some new jewelry.

succlents in the toolbox


pot and box

low maintenance cacti

jewely at pot and box

air ferns
In all, it was a VERY fun week 🙂 I hope all birthday weeks turn out this well!

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