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summer citrus framed patchwork quilt

Wow, it feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve had time to sit down and write a post! I have a good excuse, though. Over the last month I’ve been putting the final touches on my dissertation, which has taken pretty much all of my time, but means that I’m almost done with graduate school!

summer citrus patchwork closeup

I’m really excited to have time to get back to my sewing machine now, and I recently finished my summer citrus patchwork quilt. I made this quilt using my fat quarter friendly framed patchwork quilt top tutorial. This quilt was so fun to make, and working with such bright colors was exactly what I needed!

framed patchwork closeup

The back is a large scale simple patchwork, using a couple of solids and a couple of my favorite prints. There’s something about simple patchwork that I love so much! I can never get enough.

summer citrus framed patchwork quilt back

Summer citrus framed patchwork quilt

**Since our house is getting filled up with quilts, I decided that this one would head to my etsy shop, where it might find a new home to brighten up! You can find the listing here.

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