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Finished Half Square Triangle/Log Cabin Quilt

I’ve fallen a bit behind in blogging about my finished quilts this summer, but I wanted to keep a record of these finishes here. I’d guess I have at least 10 quilts I’ve finished that I haven’t blogged about– yikes! I’ll try to do some catching up.

Quilting detail on thr HST/LC quilt

Thanks for holding my quilt, tractor!

Wavy Quilting Lines

Do Good Stitches Log Cabin/Half Square Triangle Quilt

First up, I finished this quilt along with the help of the Love circle of the Do. Good Stitches charity bee. We usually send these quilts off to be distributed by the group Wrap them in Love, but this time I had a special request. My neighbor had been battling cancer, and I knew he was going into hospice care. I thought the quilt might lift his spirits, and the members of my bee agreed that this would be a good home for our quilt. Sadly he passed away just after I finished the quilt, but I know his family was very moved by the gift and continues to use the quilt.

July Quilt

July Quilt

Patchwork July Quilt Back

Next, I finished what I think of as my 4th of July quilt. I’m not usually into Americana, but there is something about the red and blue stars that I love. I also used one of my favorite ruler prints as a neutral in this quilt. It was good to get this one finished!

stacked coins quilt

stacked coins quilt back

My office mate at work was getting married this summer, and from the day that I hung a mini-quilt on our office wall she’s shown an interest in and appreciation for my quilting hobby. I made this simple stacked coins quilt for her and her new husband to enjoy. I used the colors from the Chicopee fabric line as my guide, and made each stack of coins centered around one color. I love simple quilts like this one, they are so enjoyable to put together.

stacked coins quilt

I have a few more finishes to share soon, including some quilts I recently wrapped up for the Lowell Quilt Festival. If you’re in the New England area you should consider checking it out– the Boston Modern Quilt Guild has an exhibit, and all the details can be found here. I’ll share some photos of those quilts once I go visit them in the show!

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Blue + Red Stacked Coins

Stacked coins quilt

After giving away one of my favorite quilts, I decided I needed to make one for myself. I decided to go with a blue, red, and brown color scheme, because it helps to tie together some of the colors that have made their way into our living area. And so, the Blue + Red Stacked Coins quilt was born!

Stacked coins quilt

I made the front the same way I made the other quilt– the pattern calls for a very wide border, and I like that. I think it sets the coins into proportion and is pleasing to the eye.

Stacked coins quilt back

I also love, love, love the way the back of this quilt turned out. I had extra “coin” strips left over, and I needed to use some extra fabric to stretch the rest of my kona coffee to fit on the back. I decided to use the blue fabrics I pulled for the binding, and to sew them into strips framing the coin section. I arranged them in color order, going from darker to lighter to draw the eye in, and I really love how it turned out. I’m definitely thinking about backing future quilts in this same way.

My quilt support crew

This past weekend J and I went out for a hike with Simon, and I convinced him to be my “quilt model” so I could snap a few photos of my quilt in its natural habitat. Er, something like that.

Back of stacked coins quilt

I directed J to one of our favorite hiking spots, where there would be plenty of opportunities for photos. There’s an old dam over the river, and bridges and trails. The thing about Simon is that he’s afraid of water. And bridges. He loves trails, though!

Simon on the bridge

The other thing he’s afraid of are metal grates– if we pass one on a walk, he will avoid it at all costs. So when I walked out onto the overpass atop the dam to get a better view of the water, Simon wanted nothing to do with it.

Simon, being afraid

The dam

A side view of the dam

I can’t blame him, I couldn’t look down too much, either– there’s something about seeing the water under me feet going over the edge that gives me pause.

looking down at the water escaping the dam

It was a great day to get out and get some quilt photos!

Justin and Simon under the bending branch

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Stacked coins quilt

I think I’m in love with this quilt.

Stacked coins quilt

I made it as a wedding gift for our family friend who officiated our wedding ceremony.

Stacked coins quilt

I have loved the stacked coins since I first saw them– they look like the perfect blend of traditional and modern to me. I had a hard time parting with this one.

Closeup of the stacked coins quilt

I am really happy with my decision to sash in the kona cotton in the color “wheat.”

Back of the stacked coins quilt

I decided to quilt it with a blue thread. At first I was not a fan– I usually match my sashing color so the quilting really fades away. After quilting about a third of this quilt, I almost pulled it all out. It just showed up so much! But J said he liked it, and pointed out how it made the “puzzle pieces” of the stippling stand out. When it was all finished, I had to agree– I ended up loving it. Especially how it showed up on the chocolate-y brown on the back of the quilt.

Back of the stacked coins quilt

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