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Another Rubik's Crush Quilt

Ok, this one may look familiar, because it’s nearly the exact same quilt I gifted to my sister for her 30th birthday early this year. I knew as soon as I saw Ashley’s Rubik’s Crush quilt design on her blog this past fall that I loveloveloved it and wanted one for my own. I also knew it would be perfect for my sister, and so while I would have loved to finish these at the same time, mine was only recently finished.

(**A note about the design– I contacted Ashley before making these quilts to see if it was ok to copy her design, and she graciously gave me her blessing, and I created this using my own approximation of her design (that is, without a specific pattern). Recently, Ashley posted that this pattern will be available in the magazine “101 Patchwork Projects,” due out this April. If anyone wants to make one but wants to wait for a pattern to follow, you’re in luck! Check out Ashley’s blog for more info, and look for the magazine this spring!).

Folksy Flannel Quilt Back

One reason I was so excited to finish this quilt was because I backed it in flannel (a Folksy Flannel print , also by Anna Maria Horner). It has been so cozy and warm, and I love having it around to add warmth to our living room– both in terms of the warm colors, and in terms of the literal warmth it provides! *sigh* I just love quilts 🙂

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