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Nicey Jane Chair

Before Thanksgiving, I wrote a post about a chair I had refinished. I had chosen one of my favorite Nicey Jane fabrics from Heather Bailey for the cushion (the lindy leaf in red), and I was so happy with how bright and crisp the chair turned out. It definitely brightens up my work area! I added some pictures of the chair to a group of Nicey Jane projects on flickr, and I was so surprised a few days later to see that I had a comment on the photo– from THE Heather Bailey!! I couldn’t believe that SHE had looked at and commented on MY photo! It was such a little bright spot in my week, I was so excited knowing that she had liked what I had done with the fabric she designed.

Here’s the picture, and you can click on it to go to flickr to see Heather’s comment or more photos of the chair and other projects!

Nicey Jane recovered chair

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