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Red + Gray Squares quilt

Life has been a little busy around here, to say the least! J and I have some big changes coming up soon, and the planning has been consuming quite a bit of my time! Unfortunately I’ve fallen a bit behind on my blog reading and replying to comments here– so I do apologize for the silence, and I do appreciate everyone who has stopped by my little old blog.

Red + Gray quilt on the porch

I finished this quilt a few months back, and just realized I hadn’t shared any of the pictures! This sucker is queen sized (and was kind of a beast to quilt on my little machine, but I’m proud I managed it!). I love this style of quilt– just improvisational squares, no sashing, and a scrappy red border and binding. I could make a million more quilts this way!

Tough to hold up!

In this photo you can see it was a *little* difficult for Justin to hold it up by himself.

Red + Gray quilt block detail

(I do love those puppies from Sherbert Pips!!)

Red + Gray quilt detail

I didn’t get any pics of the back, because I just used a plain gray flannel sheet. I love how soft and warm this quilt is, it was the best to cuddle under in the winter! I’m sure we’ll get a lot of use out of it when the cold months return.

Red + Gray quilt on the bridge


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I was browsing pinterest a couple of weeks ago when I came across these photos:

Source: etsy.com via Natalie on Pinterest

And, of course, I wanted to make my own right away! Luckily for me, my mom was visiting last weekend and is always game for a good craft project, so following the directions found here (via pinterest– love that site!), we found some felt in fall colors, whipped up some flowers, and glued them to our grapevine wreaths.
fall wreath

I’ve been a little obsessed with red, plum, and gold this fall (see my fabric choices for this month’s do. Good Stitches quilt here), so that’s what I went with for my wreath.

wreath closeup

It was a pretty fast and simple project, and I’m so pleased with the results! My mom took hers home before I could get a good pic, but she promised to send one when she has a chance.

felt flowers on my new fall wreath

I am also so glad I found a few minutes to take some photos and post about this project, because I’ve been wanting to link up to celebrate color! Head over there to learn more, and to see some amazing fall-colored inspired projects.

Celebrate Color

Has anyone else been inspired to replicate something they’ve seen on pinterest?

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Stack of fabric for the new quilt

Now that I’m just about done with the second Innocent Crush quilt, I’m itching to start cutting up my stack of red and aqua fabric for another quilt for myself. I think I’m going to make another mixtape quilt— I love that pattern from Oh Fransson, it’s one of my favorites!

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Liv's quilt and pillows

For Christmas, I made my sister Olivia a set of throw pillows to match the quilt I made her earlier in the year.

Liv's pillows on the bed

This was my first attempt at quilted pillow covers, and I was really happy with how they turned out! Plus, pillows are FAST! I need to remember to make more smaller projects between my quilts because it’s so satisfying to finish something so quickly.

Liv's pillows

As I was taking some pics of the pillows, I realized I never shared any photos of the quilt I made for Liv earlier in the year! I decided to make Liv a simple patchwork quilt using an array of purple fabrics, with a few reds thrown in for good measure. I’m glad I included the reds, because they really make the range of values in the quilt work. I am becoming more and more aware of the values of the fabrics I’m using in my projects, and trying to balance them to create an overall look that provides some contrast and is appealing.

Liv's quilt

Liv loved her pillows, and I’m sure they’ll make her dorm room a little comfier. Plus, not only is purple her favorite color, it’s also one of her school colors. Perfect!

Liv wrapped up in her quilt

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