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red and aqua baby quilt

I finally got my act together and listed this Red and Aqua Baby Quilt in my etsy shop. So far I’ve sold my fair share of quilts, though they’ve all been commissioned. I’ve been thinking a bit about putting a few quilts in my etsy shop, and it felt like it was time to take the plunge!

front and back of baby quilt

I made this quilt top up when I was working on my throw sized red and aqua quilt last year. I really love this color combo, and I thought it would look so sweet as a baby quilt. You can find the listing here if you’re interested!

red and aqua baby mixtape on the bridge

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Mixtape quilt closeup

I am so happy to say I finished my aqua + red mixtape quilt! I love the brightness of these colors together, and I am a big fan of Elizabeth’s mixtape pattern. I used a number of different fabrics from my favorite designers in this quilt– including (but not limited to: Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt, Love and Lotus by Amy Butler, Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner, Olive Rose by Valori Wells, and a few of my favorite vintage reproductions).

Mixtape quilt back-- folksy flannel

I had some of my red folksy flannel leftover from my last quilt, and I realized that if I had a few more yards I could put it all together for a quilt back, so I added the same print (all buttoned up) in the color “sea” (I ordered this one from the Fabric Farm’s etsy site). I know I’ve been a little obsessed with backing my quilts with flannel lately. But it’s been (literally) 0 degrees here!

Red and Aqua Mixtape Quilt on porch

Now with 3 quilts in my living room, I’m no longer feeling quilt deprived 🙂

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Quilt blocks ready to be sashed

I finished making all of the blocks for my red and aqua mixtape quilt. I’m so glad– I love how bright the colors look, and I’m really feeling the urge to be cozy and quilt this week, especially with a big snowstorm on the way!

Lately Simon’s been sleeping on all the quilts. He’s a smart dog, it’s been cold around here!

Simon sleeping on my quilt

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It’s been a little while since I’ve found time to post, as things have been a bit busy lately. However, I have been finding time to sew some stuff up! I finished cutting up fabric for the red and aqua mixtape quilt I’m working on.

red and aqua fabric all cut up

I also have been piecing a few squares here and there, and have a some up on my design wall. (Thanks, Laura, for the extra red and aqua fabric! As you can see, I’ve already sewn it up into some squares.)

red and aqua squares

Also, I’m almost done with my innocent crush quilt!

Quilting my Innocent Crush quilt

I feel like I’ve been working on and writing about innocent crush quilts for a while now. I’m very excited to almost be done with this one, because A) I’m keeping it for myself, and B) I backed it with flannel, making it super cozy. Like many other areas, the temperatures here have been close to (and sometimes below!) zero, so my need for more quilts has intensified! I just have to hand finish the binding, so I think this one will be done within the next day or two. Plus, I can curl up underneath it while I finish it. I think there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing right now!

Almost done with my Innocent Crush Quilt!

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