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Finished Half Square Triangle/Log Cabin Quilt

I’ve fallen a bit behind in blogging about my finished quilts this summer, but I wanted to keep a record of these finishes here. I’d guess I have at least 10 quilts I’ve finished that I haven’t blogged about– yikes! I’ll try to do some catching up.

Quilting detail on thr HST/LC quilt

Thanks for holding my quilt, tractor!

Wavy Quilting Lines

Do Good Stitches Log Cabin/Half Square Triangle Quilt

First up, I finished this quilt along with the help of the Love circle of the Do. Good Stitches charity bee. We usually send these quilts off to be distributed by the group Wrap them in Love, but this time I had a special request. My neighbor had been battling cancer, and I knew he was going into hospice care. I thought the quilt might lift his spirits, and the members of my bee agreed that this would be a good home for our quilt. Sadly he passed away just after I finished the quilt, but I know his family was very moved by the gift and continues to use the quilt.

July Quilt

July Quilt

Patchwork July Quilt Back

Next, I finished what I think of as my 4th of July quilt. I’m not usually into Americana, but there is something about the red and blue stars that I love. I also used one of my favorite ruler prints as a neutral in this quilt. It was good to get this one finished!

stacked coins quilt

stacked coins quilt back

My office mate at work was getting married this summer, and from the day that I hung a mini-quilt on our office wall she’s shown an interest in and appreciation for my quilting hobby. I made this simple stacked coins quilt for her and her new husband to enjoy. I used the colors from the Chicopee fabric line as my guide, and made each stack of coins centered around one color. I love simple quilts like this one, they are so enjoyable to put together.

stacked coins quilt

I have a few more finishes to share soon, including some quilts I recently wrapped up for the Lowell Quilt Festival. If you’re in the New England area you should consider checking it out– the Boston Modern Quilt Guild has an exhibit, and all the details can be found here. I’ll share some photos of those quilts once I go visit them in the show!

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Finished Quilts

As some of you know, things have been a little quiet on my blog lately because I’ve been working on finishing my Ph.D. I’m so happy to report that yesterday I successfully defended my dissertation, so now it’s official– you can call me Dr. Greenleaf Goods!

Writing a dissertation is such a long and trying process. In many ways, quilting helped me get through it! The elements of quilting actually have a lot in common with doing a big research project. From the first idea about a new project, to selecting the materials to be used, to pulling everything together and finishing things up, there are many steps in the process, and often others can’t see your vision until it is complete. My dissertation took years and years to finish (as most do), and having tangible, finished quilts along the way to show for my work helped! Also, in reflecting on this process, I realized that when I began conceptualizing my research studies and collecting data, I didn’t know how to quilt! Since I learned, I’ve been totally hooked, and have probably finished upwards of 50 quilts in the past couple of years. Just to get an idea of the volume of quilting I’ve done while completing my dissertation, I put together the mosaic above. This only represents a fraction of the quilts and projects I’ve finished– I still have quite a backlog of other quilts and projects I’d like to document on my blog. One thing I like about keeping track of projects this way is the perspective it gives me– I don’t even think I could remember all of these projects if I didn’t have a record of them!

So– stay tuned, because I have quite a few more projects to share in the upcoming weeks!

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Source: theplaidscottie.com via Natalie on Pinterest

The days have just been flying by, and sadly work has been taking up more of my time than I’d like. I have a couple of finished quilts I’m planning to share soon, but this weekend I’m heading off to the Sewing Summit! My finished quilts will have to wait until I return 🙂 In the meantime, though, I thought I’d share a little food and sewing inspiration with you all! I love spending a few minutes over on pinterest, it often helps me dream up new projects and meals I hope to make in the future! (Now if only it could help me dream up more time for the projects!).

Source: flickr.com via Natalie on Pinterest

Source: sugarcooking.blogspot.com via Ambiturner on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Natalie on Pinterest

I’ll be back soon with an update about the Sewing Summit and new quilts to share!

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fabric stack

Things have been a little busy around my house lately– my sisters were visiting from out of town (I was so sad to see them leave this morning!), and while they were here I wrangled Liv (my younger sis) to fold the rest of my fabric for me! She’s just started sewing, and is already able to identify lines of fabric and designers! I promised her a little fabric in return for her help 🙂

As we were organizing my stash, and I was taking note of the many, many projects building up, I thought it was time for a really realistic check-in with my projects. I don’t usually put this all out there, because I tend to be working on so many things at once it feels overwhelming to actually write them all down! But, work is picking up a bit and I really need to prioritize my projects.

fabric color inspiration

Before I spill the beans about everything I’ve got going on, I snapped a few pics of fabric I pulled for a new quilt. I started with the 4 fabrics (in the pic above) from Heather Ross’s far far away 2 line. I didn’t actually use these in the quilt– but I loved the color combo so much I wanted it to guide my fabric choices. I’d been wanting to do something with orange in it, and this really helped shape the palate.

So, then I broke each color out individually and found fabrics that stayed pretty true to that tone:





Then, (and here’s a true work in progress shot!) I cut them all up. And I’ve been sewing them together, and should have a new quilt to show you soon!

In progress

I also finished the binding on my flea market fancy quilt– I have the big reveal of the whole quilt (which I realize I haven’t yet shown!) later this week.

almost finished

So, here’s the damage–

Things I need to finish soon:
1. Do. Good Stitches Bee Blocks
2. For the love of solids swap items (this is half done, and I have a plan for the rest!)
3. Habitat challenge blocks for the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild (due at our next meeting… next week!)

Things I have in progress, but that don’t have an immediate “due date”:
4. Felted scarves (a custom order– one blue, one green)
5. Felted scarves for the fall craft show
6. Ocean inspired quilt (commissioned for a wedding– needs to be done by the end of September. All the fabric’s cut, just needs to be sewn)
7. Binding on 2 baby quilts for my etsy shop (yep, just the bindings are left. Almost finished!)
8. Throw quilt using the fabrics pictured above! (all blocks are made, just need to be squared and sewn together)
9. Wall hanging for my mom (blocks are made, and need to be squared)
10. Hope valley filmstrip quilt (all the pieces are cut– just need to sew them together!)
11. curtains for my living room (fabric is ready to be cut, and I keep imagining how good it will look when they’re done!)
12. Scrappy quilt (I pulled out all the scraps I want to use for this one and totally know (in my head) what it will look like– just need to get sewing!)

Argh, it sounds like a lot, but I always manage to get things done! I think it helps to be realistic about the WIP list– last night I sketched out 3 new quilt designs I’d love to try, but clearly I need to focus some attention on my current projects first! My ideas always seem to outpace my ability to sew them– Does anyone else have this problem?

Also– one last thing– Lee (from Freshly Pieced, who hosts the WIP Wednesday each week) has entered a design in the connecting threads fabric design contest, and she needs votes for her design! You can find her design (“Flourish,” by Lee Heinrich) here. Check it out if you have a chance!

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One year ago today, J and I were married.




We wanted our wedding to be a comfortable, fun, local, organic, vintage inspired party. To this end, J grew all of our wedding flowers in our community garden plot. Our bouquets and arrangements included zinnias, black eye susans, bells of ireland, snapdragons, and hosta leaves.

Justin with flowers at the garden

hanging jar of flowers

We used my grandparent’s cake topper for our chocolate cake. It was looking a little yellowed on the bottom, so I sewed it a little pleated skirt!

vintage wedding cake topper

We strung up photos from our time together, as well as family photos along the porch for people to look at.

Wedding Photos

Simon served as our ring bearer. He really knows how to steal the show! I also upcycled my wedding dress– it was the same dress my sister wore the year before, but I had it altered to look like a new (and different!) dress.

Playing with Simon at the wedding

Filmstrip quilt backdrop

I designed and made our save the dates and wedding invitations. They included sewn on mini bunting, and I made matching full sized flags to hang on the porch where we held our reception and over the outdoor altar where we held our ceremony.

Self designed save-the-date

Ceremony site

I made quilts for our friends and family in the wedding party, and used this as an excuse to sharpen my quilting skills!

Stack of wedding quilts

Stacked coins quilt

Filmstrip quilt

zigzag quilt

Striped Wedding Quilt

Striped Wedding Quilt

We used one quilt in particular as a backdrop for our outdoor photo booth. I love seeing this quilt in all of these photos! I want to make another like it. I’m also so glad we thought to have a dry erase board and markers available for guests to write us messages in the photos– these turned out to be my favorite of all of our wedding pics!

Filmstrip quilt backdrop

Filmstrip quilt backdrop

I really can’t believe it’s been a whole year! Time flies when you have a good partner. Love you, J! I’m so excited for the rest of our years together.

family portrait

*** Here are links to the posts I’ve previously written about the things we made for our wedding.***
Things we made, reused, and grew:
Save the Dates


Vintage Cake Topper


Home Grown Flowers

Handmade Gifts:
* Birdie Sling bags can be found here and here
* Stacked coins quilt
* Filmstrip Quilt (which can also be seen as our photobooth backdrop, here)
* Striped Quilts can be found here, here, and here

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Stack of wedding quilts

I’ve had this revelation a few times– my lesson # 3 is that I really like to make stuff for myself. This might sound obvious (or selfish), but when it comes to crafting, I tend to put others first. After making a small practice quilt to get the basics down, I gave away the next 9 quilts I made. Don’t get me wrong– I absolutely love giving away gifts, especially those I’ve made myself. But once in a while, I need to make something for me. (All of the photos in this post are of quilts I’ve made for others. Not one of them live with me anymore!)

Front and Back

I have had the opportunity to make a few commissioned quilts, and have been selling scarves I’ve made from recycled sweaters as well as a few other sewn goods at art galleries and craft shows. And I love doing all of that, but I have to remember to do it in moderation, because when I get overloaded with projects for everyone else, I sometimes forget that this is what I choose to do with my fun time!

Liv's quilt and pillows

I also have to admit– while I can’t imagine living without my Google Reader, and I absolutely love seeing what everyone else is working on, sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up with it all, and I have to give myself a pass. I choose to sew and to blog about it simply because I like to, and when I remember I get to choose what I want to make, when I want to make it, and whom I’m making it for, I am able to get back to the basics and I find I have more energy and inspiration for my projects. So here’s to making something for yourself from time to time!

Filmstrip quilt

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Sunshine Innocent Crush Quilt

For Christmas this past year, J gave me photoshop, which I was very excited to get, because I wanted to have more control in editing my photos. There’s definitely a steep learning curve for the program, but I’m working on it, and I have found that using sets of actions to edit a photo is often the most fun and easy way to get quick results. As I was editing photos of my most recently finished quilts, I applied the “sunshine” action (available for free from the Pioneer Woman), and instantly I felt warmer and happier! So even though it’s still cold and gray here, I want to gaze at warm, sunny photos for a psychological boost until the warm weather returns for real.

Sunshine mixtape quilt

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Closeup of the 4-square Innocent Crush Quilt

My first finished quilt of the new year (in fact, started and finished!) is the 4-square quilt made with Innocent Crush fabrics, using the fabrics in the “potpourri” colorway. This quilt came about because when I was home over winter break, a good family friend saw the quilt I made for my sister for her birthday, and wanted to know if she could buy it from me. She had a specific purpose for wanting it– her sister is going through chemotherapy right now, and she wanted to find a unique and comforting gift to give to her. Although I couldn’t sell the quilt I was about to give as a gift to my sister, I did tell her I’d make a different one for her, and after discussing her sister’s favorite colors, we decided that using the same fabrics in the potpourri colorway would work well.

Cool Colors Innocent Crush 4-Square Quilt

I wanted the quilt to look similar to the other one I made, but I wanted to get it done a little faster so it could be delivered in a timely manner. Instead of piecing little squares with sashing in between, I decided to simplify that part of the pattern by making 4 square blocks (hence the name of the quilt). Those blocks were then sashed in kona cotton in the color bone, and then when all blocks were ready, the quilt top was assembled. It really came together quickly, and I am happy that it has the same overall feel as the first Innocent Crush quilt I made, but involved a lot less piecing, allowing me to finish it much more quickly!

I backed the quilt using the loves me-loves me not print in grape. I was surprised by how much I liked this particular print for the back of the quilt– the colors were so vibrant and saturated, and gave the quilt a really luxurious feel. (Also, I had to sew 2 pieces of this fabric together so that it would be large enough for the back, and look how well I matched them up! You can barely see where I joined them!)

Back of the 4-square Innocent Crush Quilt

Next up: I’m hoping to finish MY innocent crush quilt by this weekend. The one I’m making for myself is identical to the one I made for my sister– I cut all the pieces at once, and I can’t wait to get it finished and bound. I’m looking forward to more sewing time later this week and weekend! I am anticipating cuddling up under one of these:
Innocent Crush Quilt Finished!

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Stack of fabric for the new quilt

Now that I’m just about done with the second Innocent Crush quilt, I’m itching to start cutting up my stack of red and aqua fabric for another quilt for myself. I think I’m going to make another mixtape quilt— I love that pattern from Oh Fransson, it’s one of my favorites!

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Wedding quilts in the grass

It is about time that I get to blogging about some of the quilts I have made over the last 8 or so months!

Stack of wedding quilts

I took up quilting right around December of 2009. It is something I had been thinking about doing for a LONG time, and I was finally ready. I started by making a small quilt for my dog, Simon, just to get a feel for piecing, basting, and quilting. I call it the “puppy quilt,” and it was a great practice. I then made the spectrum quilt that is hanging in my office at work. That was my first experience with free motion quilting, and I was hooked.

Stack of wedding quilts

Next, I came up with a crazy plan to make quilts for a friend getting married in May, for both of my sisters who were graduating from grad school and high school in May, and then for my friends and family who were in our wedding in July. Total count: 9 full quilts in about 7 or so months. The learning curve was steep, but I made it through, and now feel pretty confident in my ability to quilt.

Stack of wedding quilts

I learned by reading books and blogs, and following well-documented tutorials on some of my favorite blogs. I think I’ll dedicate a separate post to these resources soon!

Stack of wedding quilts

I also plan to blog about all of these quilts separately in the upcoming weeks, with more details on each. In short, I made a mixtape quilt, a filmstrip quilt, a zigzag quilt, a stacked coins quilt, a deconstructed 9-patch quilt, a basic squares quilt, and 3 striped throw quilts.

Stack of wedding quilts

Even now, just writing about all of them I’m overwhelmed that I was able to finish all of this in the lead-up to the wedding (in addition to all the other planning and crafting). I also am glad that I’m now able to turn to some projects for myself– I got used to having all of those quilts around, and my living room feels pretty empty now!

Stack of wedding quilts and bags

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