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Winter quilt top

I’ve been working on this quilt for a couple of weeks now, and I managed to finish up the top this weekend! I was inspired by the colors in this post on Amanda Jean’s blog (plus, the photo on the cover of her new book looks amazing– I’m looking forward to reading that one!

new quilt in the works

Finished the quilt top

It’s a big one– roughly 85 inches square, big enough to fit on our queen sized bed.

It's a big one-- queen size, for our bed

I’m backing it in grey flannel, and it will be our winter quilt!

Hanging out with my quilt top in the park

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mosaic quilt

stained glass quilt

Over the summer, my mom had the opportunity to travel to India to learn about the education system there and to do some teaching. While there, she formed a great friendship with her mentor Subha, a teacher living in Kolkata. My mom had shared pictures of my quilts with Subha when telling her about our family and what we like to do! Subha loved the quilts, and my mom had been wanting to send her one.

stained glass quilt

Back in November, for my mom’s birthday, I had made her a small quilt to hang in her office. She loved this small quilt I had just finished, and said it looked like stained glass. I had been working on squares for a larger version in the fall, but had to put them aside when I was too busy with work. Luckily, the squares were almost all together, so I finished up the quilt top earlier this month. For the back, I used a print from Amy Butler’s midwest modern line, and I echoed the stained glass look by using small squares of solid colors surrounded by an off white color (I believe it was Kona cotton in Bone). I love how the colors and pattern worked out for the back– it’s truly a reversible quilt!

back of the stained glass quilt

quilt back in the window

quilt back and castle

You’ll have to forgive me for all of the pictures. I just couldn’t seem to help myself!

stained glass quilt in the castle

snowy quilt scene

leaving the castle

I think this will be the furthest a project of mine has been sent, and I hope that Subha loves it!

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Do good stitches quilt in the window

I’m so excited to finally share my finished Do. Good Stitches quilt!

do good stitches finished quilt

Last weekend when I was visiting my parents in Cleveland we drove up to Squires Castle (located in a nearby metro park, and open to the public) to take some photos of the finished quilt.

Squires Castle

Hanging out in the window (the quilt version)

The members of my circle did an amazing job, and although my original plan was to cut up and re-piece all of the strips I received, I couldn’t bring myself to do it! Each strip was so unique and they all looked so amazing together, I just lined up them and added a red border. Deb was kind enough to send a bit extra, and I *love* how the extra chevrons look in the border. Perfect!

finished do good stitches love circle quilt

For the back of the quilt, I raided my stash for red and white fabrics and used a patchwork style to keep things bright and fun!

patchwork do good stitches quilt back

Quilt backs

Ok, so I was also taking photos of another finished quilt that day– one I plan to blog about soon!– and here’s a sneak peek! Of course Simon needed to sneak into the picture.

Simon posing with the quilts

Thanks so much to everyone in the Love circle who contributed to this quilt! I think it will make one kid very happy!

Quilt in the castle

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Folksy Flannel Quilt

Deciding what to make for my little sister for Christmas was easy– she loves the Folksy Flannel prints, and I was in luck because I had just stocked up on them! I thought she could use another quilt (the first one I made her is lightweight, cotton quilt), and I wanted this one to be warmer, so I backed it in grey flannel.

Folksy Flannel quilt on the fence

I decided to do a new-to-me free motion quilting design on this one. I felt the overall design was simple, so a little more detail in the quilting dresses it up a bit. Because of the bright, bold prints on the front the quilting pattern mostly blends in. On the back, however, it shows up clearly.

quilting detail

Although I did not follow Anna Maria Horner’s pattern (I put the quilt top together before she released her log mansion pattern) if you’re looking to make a similar quilt, she has a free PDF available here. It was this photo that inspired my quilt:


I love this line so much– I had trouble not buying even more than I did, but one of my friends pointed out that a whole milk crate of this fabric is probably enough! I know this might be considered “fabric enabling,” but I should note– this line is now out of print, and is getting a little hard to find. However, my friend Brenda has the full fat quarter set in her shop! So, if you’re thinking of getting some before it’s gone, check it out.

Folksy Flannel Quilt 2

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It’s that time again– twice a year, coinciding with the quilt market events taking place where designers and authors and everyone else involved in the quilt industry get together to introduce their new products, Amy hosts a virtual quilt festival, where anyone wanting to join in the fun can link up to share their work! Follow the link above over to Amy’s blog if you’d like to be seriously inspired.

FMF detail

I had trouble picking which quilt I wanted to share this time around, because I’ve really been branching out in my quilting style lately, and my projects have begun to look more like “me.” But, the one that takes the cake for me is still the first queen sized quilt I made, the one I sleep under every night– my flea market fancy quilt.

Flea Market Fancy quilt

FMF quilt back

This quilt uses one of my favorite techniques of pairing prints with coordinating solids to highlight the colors in the fabric. I tend to make quilts for others and have given away many more than I’ve kept, so making this one for myself was meaningful.

FMF quilt hanging out

FMF quilt on the porch

on the ground

And, using it every day makes me very happy, and makes Simon, my black lab/daschund mix happy too!

Simon on my FMF quilt

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red and aqua baby quilt

I finally got my act together and listed this Red and Aqua Baby Quilt in my etsy shop. So far I’ve sold my fair share of quilts, though they’ve all been commissioned. I’ve been thinking a bit about putting a few quilts in my etsy shop, and it felt like it was time to take the plunge!

front and back of baby quilt

I made this quilt top up when I was working on my throw sized red and aqua quilt last year. I really love this color combo, and I thought it would look so sweet as a baby quilt. You can find the listing here if you’re interested!

red and aqua baby mixtape on the bridge

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Flea Market Fancy quilt

My flea market fancy quilt is done, and I couldn’t be happier with it!! Like so many others, I loved this line of fabric (before I even knew who designed it or what it was named!) so much, and when I had a chance to scoop some up last year I didn’t hesitate.

FMF detail

ready for a picnic

I wanted to highlight each print, and I think that part of the beauty of this line is in the colors used for the prints, so I went to my local quilt shop (which, luckily for me, stocks all 220 colors of Kona cotton solids) and picked out 4 colors that coordinated with each print. Once I had the squares done, I had a dilemma about sashing color, and I got such good input from my blog readers! Ultimately, I decided to sash in white, but I still wanted a touch of gray, so I added a border to frame the quilt.

on the porch

FMF quilt on the bridge

For the back, I used a chevron print I had in my stash, along with some grays and leftover strips of solids. For the binding, I used the Kona cotton color raisin.

FMF quilt back

This is the first queen sized quilt I’ve made, and it took quite a while to quilt! I did it all on my trusty little Husquvarna, and I broke the quilting up into a few different sessions so I didn’t get burned out. Also, it involved a lot of binding– I think it took me longer to hand finish the binding than it did to quilt! I really enjoyed the process, though, and now I get to sleep under this baby every night! When I bought the fabric I said that this was my plan for it– I wanted it to be something I enjoyed every day, and I’m so glad I took the time to make this quilt for myself.

FMF quilt hanging out

FMF quilt hanging out

on the ground

Also, thanks so much to my sisters who helped me take photos of the quilt– it was so big it took both of them to hold it up. It’s a good thing they’re both tall!

My sisters

FMF quilt on the porch

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disappearing 9 patch baby quilt

A little while ago my sister asked me to make a baby quilt for a friend of hers who is having a baby boy. In the nursery they have an undersea theme, so we decided to go with water inspired fabric. I got a few prints from cosmo cricket’s “snorkel” line of fabric, including the backing fabric for this quilt.

disappearing 9 patch baby quilt

quilt on the fence

When deciding on a pattern, my sister suggested the disappearing 9-patch. I previously made her a quilt using this technique, and I’m glad she suggested it for this project– it worked well with the fabric! Good choice, Linds!

quilt on the fence

(My mom was holding the quilt up for me, and was keeping things interesting for me here!)
Mom being silly

We met up with our family earlier this summer, and before I handed over the quilt to my sister I was able to take these photos. Rudy the goat generously let us use his fence to stage some photos, and then thought about taking a bite of the quilt. Luckily we kept it out of goat range!

on the fence

Rudy the goat

Rudy and the baby quilt

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Reflection quilt

Last week it was finally time to share our kona cotton solids only challenge quilts at the meeting of the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild! I could hardly wait– I had my quilt finished a couple of weeks ago, and I was dying to see what others had done with their fabrics. There were some gorgeous quilts there– as soon as the photos are all up on the internet, I’ll share a link to them. But in the meantime, here’s my quilt!

Kona challenge quilt

I called it “reflection,” and I was trying to emphasize the graduated shifts in color value by grouping together similar shades of color, but splitting them at the dividing line into the lighter and darker colors. To emphasize this split, I surrounded the darker values with a light grey, and the lighter values with the dark grey. I quilted it with organic looking (aka, purposefully not straight or evenly spaced) lines, and I matched thread color to the color of the rows I was quilting to subtly extend each color line the length of the quilt. It’s a little hard to see in the photos, but it’s there!

reflection quilt back

For the back, I used the scraps to piece a strip of color, and I added the solid whites and greys in a row to emphasize some of the negative space. I bound the quilt using Kona raisin. I’m happy with how it turned out– I believe I’ll be hanging it in my office soon, and I would love to some day make a larger version that focuses on one or two color families! I’m going to try to get to that in my spare time (if you know me, you know that’s a little bit of a joke. I like to pack my days full!)

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Fabric for my giveaway!

First up, we have a winner! Thanks so much to everyone who entered the giveaway! I consulted random.org, who informed me that our winner is number 30– Kristie from OCD! Kristie, I’ll be sending you an email to arrange to send your fabric.

I also finished up a quilt this week. This quilt is a gift, and will be given to its new owner this weekend! I made up the design as I went and kept things simple.

Finished squares quilt

The funny thing is, in this quilt I used some of the fabric that I got in a giveaway from Kristie earlier this year! I was planning to post about the quilt this week, and when I realized the coincidence, that I was posting about the quilt I made with some of the fabric I won from Kristie, and she was the winner of my giveaway, I had to put it all together in the same post.

Back of the squares quilt

Earlier this week, Kristie posted about a new project she is working on using her stash of Little Folks fabric, and I commented that I was excited to see her project as it progressed because I just picked up some of this fabric myself, and I am looking forward to using it! Kristie jokingly replied that if I didn’t have any Little Folks, she was going to see if she could bribe me with her scraps so she would win the giveaway. But no bribing necessary– random.org did the choosing for me, and it just seemed too funny that Kristie ended up winning! So, I couldn’t help but think, what goes around comes around! I guess the moral of the story is that it’s good to have a giveaway once in a while and share the fabric love, because you never know when you’ll get some in return!

Quilt close up

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