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I’ve wanted to make a wonky stars quilt for a while now, and the 4th of July seemed like the perfect occasion to give this a try.

Stargazing quilt in progress

I drew up a plan that involved larger interlocking stars, with a few smaller stars thrown in to give the larger stars some breathing room. I also added some of my favorite Cosmo Cricket ruler fabric into the quilt– I couldn’t resist the vintage-y feel those brought to the quilt top.

stargazing quilt seams

back of the stargazing quilt

I loved the way the back of the quilt top looked hanging on the laundry line– all those little seams for my little stars (each square finished at 4.5 inches, so you can imagine how small those little pieces were)!

small star detail

Alas, I had so many other project to wrap up this past week I didn’t get the quilt done done, but I did manage to finish up the quilt top! I’m sure I’ll quilt it soon, and we’ll have our summer holiday quilt ready for next year!

stargazing quilt top

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Blogger bundle

A few weeks back I mentioned that I was working on a project with my blogger bundle from Pink Castle Fabric. Sadly it looks like Brenda has sold out of this particular bundle, but she’s got plenty others in her shop!

framed patchwork quilt top

I was drawn to the fabrics for my bundle because of the color. I find color drives a lot of the fabric choices I make! I also like to pay attention to value, and I like when there’s a good blend or light and dark fabrics. With that in mind, I wanted a project that would make these fabrics shine together, so I came up with the framed patchwork quilt.

In order to make this easy, I thought I’d provide instruction on how to quickly cut up 12 fat quarters for this project. The piecing is pretty straightforward, so I won’t go over that here– but if you have any questions just leave a comment and I can help.

cutting instructions

I would stack up 4 fat quarters at a time and would cut them as follows:
1. Trim off selvedge edge
2. Trim along 22 inch edge (for a straight cut)
3. Cut 3 strips that are 22″ by 4.5″, and one strip that is 22″ by 3.5″ (the 3.5″ strips are for the outer border)
4. Cut the 4.5 inch strips into 4.5″ squares (make 4 cuts so that you end up with 12 squares)

In addition, you’ll need 3.5 inch wide strips of a solid for your inner border. For this quilt I used an essex linen/cotton blend. Sew together your squares to make a 12 x 12 patchwork block. Next, add the 3.5 inch wide border strips. Finally, piece together the longer border strips, and add those to the outside of the quilt. You’ll end up with a lovely throw sized quilt top– roughly 60 inches square. And very little left over scraps from your fat quarters– I used mine in the back of the quilt, which I’ll share as soon as I have time to take a good picture!

patchwork detail

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Hope Valley Filmstrip Quilt Top

It’s no secret that I love Hope Valley. I have used it in quite a few projects… like this, and this, and this, and this, just to name a few!
One thing I love about this line is how gorgeous the colors look when they’re arranged in order. I used this simple filmstrip layout (inspired by the quilts seen here, made by Amanda Jean, with a great tutorial here), one that I’ve definitely used before! In fact, my first filmstrip quilt served as the photo backdrop for guests at our wedding.

Hope Valley Filmstrip Quilt Top

Hope Valley Filmstrip Quilt Top
I’m still pondering how to back and quilt this– any suggestions?

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Winter quilt top

I’ve been working on this quilt for a couple of weeks now, and I managed to finish up the top this weekend! I was inspired by the colors in this post on Amanda Jean’s blog (plus, the photo on the cover of her new book looks amazing– I’m looking forward to reading that one!

new quilt in the works

Finished the quilt top

It’s a big one– roughly 85 inches square, big enough to fit on our queen sized bed.

It's a big one-- queen size, for our bed

I’m backing it in grey flannel, and it will be our winter quilt!

Hanging out with my quilt top in the park

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