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Voile Quilt Top

This past Friday was one of the craziest I’ve ever experienced. Friday morning we woke up to the news that the suspects in the bombing had engaged in a shoot out with the police about a mile away from our house, and one suspect was on the loose in our neighborhood. Our town was in lockdown, and we were instructed to stay indoors and not to open the door except for a uniformed officer.

Pow Wow Quilt Top

So–if you’re trapped indoors all day with a bunch of nervous energy, what can you do? I decided that THIS was why I buy so much fabric! I had plenty to work on, and managed to finish 3 quilt tops in one day.

HST/LC Quilt Top

When we were finally allowed outdoors, we took Simon to the park to stretch our legs, and while we were there we heard a round of gunfire and rushed home. We learned that the suspect had been cornered and was quickly captured. What relief! People lined the streets of Watertown and cheered for the police as they slowly filed out of town. We are all so happy to have a bit of normalcy restored.

HST/LC Quilt Top on the Minuteman Trail

Pow Wow Quilt Top

The next day I attended the Boston Modern Quilt Guild meeting. I was so happy to be amongst friends, and we needed to brainstorm about what we can do as a guild to respond to the crazy events of the past week.

Boston Quilt Fabric

We’re cooking up an idea and will reveal the details soon, so stay tuned!

Boston Quilt Fabric

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Sometimes sewing just makes me so happy. Actually, most of the time I’m sewing (or looking at fabric, or thinking about fabric or quilts or sewing) I’m pretty darn happy. So, it’s fitting that I’m feeling pretty excited about a few new projects!

First up, I am thrilled that Rachel picked me for the Bloomerie scrap fabric challenge!

Summer Breeze Scrap Challenge!

When Rachel shared the sweet little stack of fabric above, I immediately thought it would be perfect for a baby quilt I just sketched out. I love making baby quilts– they are the perfect size, and come together so much more quickly than full sized quilts. I can’t wait to get to work on this! And I’ll try to share a sneak peek as I get things going.
As for the challenge, I can add in 1 more fabric of your choosing if I’d like to (yup, I’ll be doing that!). Each fabric has to be used, but you don’t have to use all of each one. I also am allowed to add embellishments as needed, though I tend to keep it simple with my quilts, so I’d be surprised if any buttons or ric-rack found its way into my project! I’ll wrap things up and will post about my project by July 8th, and Rachel will feature all the projects on her blog on the 9th. I am excited to see what the other challengers make– I’m sure you will all want to check it out, too!

(Also– if there are any How I Met Your Mother fans out there, you may recognize the reference in the title of my post. And if not, here’s a little video to give you some context:)

which way quilt fabric

I also have been chatting with some other bloggy friends, both new and old, about a quilt we’re all planning to make this summer– the pow-wow quilt (pattern by Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew). Jacey suggested on her blog that she’s going to refer to the pattern as Which Way, and I have to admit I prefer this quilt name, so I’m jumping on board and I’ll be calling it by that name, too. I pulled this stack of fabric for the quilt, and I can’t wait to start cutting it up!

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