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It’s hard to find words to describe a day like today, so I’ll let the photos do the talking.

In the river

undert the bridge

favorite bridge

We set out to do a kayak trip from Barton dam down to Gallup park on the Huron river. It was a gorgeous day. We spotted so many animals– even a hawk with babies trailing behind, and a heron in flight. They were too quick to catch with my camera, but there were plenty of other subjects on which to focus.

turtle sunning


Justin in his kayak

argo livery

dog on a boat

canoe livery

Justin on the river

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!

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March Fourth!

Simon on our hike

My academic advisor says she loves this date on the calendar because it’s also an order– march forth!
Today Simon and I did just that, and took a hike through one of our favorite parks while Justin did a training run. He’s planning to do another race this spring– either a half or full marathon– and Sime and I tag along when he does his runs and we do a more leisurely hike.

tree branch

trail over the water

It’s still a big cold here– icicles under the bridge!

icicles under the bridge


hollow log

Old tree

Simon on the bridge

a dogs point of view

oh to be a dog.

Simon's funny face

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The Great Outdoors

in the park

Lately J has been very interested in playing disc golf. Did you know there are a ton of different types of discs you can buy for different types of throws? Me neither!

fall tree

Well, now I do– and I love tagging along to play disc golf because it takes us out to a bunch of gorgeous parks in the area. Disc golf is like taking a hike and play a game all at once! It’s a nice excuse to get outdoors for a few hours. The light was beautiful at the park this afternoon, and I snapped a few photos while we played. I hope this feeling of calm and relaxation sticks with me all week!

path through the park

disc golf

empty seed pods



picnic tables stacked for winter

The edge of the lake

sun setting over the lake

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