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Liz's quilt

This quilt was really special for me to make. I had been planning it for quite a long time, as it was a gift for my academic adviser for helping me through my program.

Folded over

I couldn’t possibly have asked for a better mentor– Liz was patient, understanding, funny, and really, really smart. She has a somewhat minimalist, modern style, so I knew incorporating some sort of improv into the quilt would work well. Plus, I didn’t want it to be visually overwhelming, so I kept the design pretty simple. Liz loves gray (as do I!), and her other favorite color is purple. I added the green to round things out, and I was pretty pleased with the results.

Liz's quilt back

For the quilt back, I used the method from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts. I made a couple of bee blocks in this style last year, and I loved the effect. I had been waiting for the right project to work those into, and this definitely fit the bill.

a variety of grays

Scrappy gray binding

I bound the quilt using a bunch of the gray fabrics I used in the front of the quilt. I love scrappy bindings, especially on a quilt that isn’t too busy.

draped on the bench

I think Liz was really surprised when I gave her the quilt just a few days after my defense. It was well received, and it’s absolutely my favorite sort of gift to give– unexpected and very heartfelt. Plus, the peonies were in full bloom when I needed to take a few pictures, making for a very fun evening.

In the peony beds

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