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fingerless gloves

First of all, I’m really loving seeing what you all have been learning, and I’ve already made note of some suggestions and tips that have been shared in response to my last post. Thanks so much for sharing!

My red and purple cardigan

Now it’s my turn– I have a few of these up my sleeve, but this first lesson I like because it can apply to so many different life situations. (Also, as I first learned this lesson while I was knitting a few years back, I decided to share some old photos of things I previously knitted!)

Mom's brown sweater coat

Lesson 1: Learn to embrace the tedious tasks. (Thing I learned 1.1: This is easier said than done). I first had this problem back when I was knitting quite a bit, and before I really learned how to sew. I loved the act of knitting, but I hated finishing projects– in particular, weaving in ends, and blocking garments. These were so necessary, but so tedious and boring! Then, one day, I got into the groove and decided that instead of wasting my time hating these tasks, I was going to pretend like I actually LIKED them. And you know what? It helped! It helped a lot. I found it somewhat zen to give my mind a break from thinking about how I disliked that particular part, and I just went for it. And the pleasure of finishing my sweaters and scarves and hats actually made the weaving in of ends and blocking a lot less painful– in fact, I think I stopped hating those parts at all.

Liv's green sweater

I’ve also tried to extend this thinking to other areas of my life. I used to hate taking the time to double check the format of my tables and references when I’d write a research paper or report, but I came to embrace this as part of the process (and, in fact, a very very important part of the process! A tiny error can cause big problems when publishing your research, so it’s better to slow down and make sure things are correct). It’s a good thing I learned to love this– my dissertation proposal had nearly 20 pages of references, and 30 pages of appendices I had to get in order!

Lindsay's sweater

When I’m able to remember to appreciate the little things that stand between me and a finished project, it serves me well, and helps me through some of the more tedious tasks in life.

Liv's sweater in progress


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