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Our wedding invitations followed the same basic pattern as the save-the-dates. I wanted the look to be consistent, and to reflect what we were planning for the wedding.

Our self designed wedding invitation

The bee and the grass were both stamps that I purchased on etsy. I didn’t stamp each invitation individually, because I wanted a uniform and professional look for them. Instead, I stamped a few bees and a few grasses, and scanned them into my computer. I edited them to be the right size and color, and pasted them into the word doc where I designed the rest of the invitation. It was easy to print them all out at once this way, and I didn’t have to worry about hand stamping each one perfectly.
The invitations included a pocket-fold back, to which I added a light green, shiny invitation mat, and then on top of that went the cream cardstock invitation. As with the save-the-dates, I printed these at home, and sewed the flags on each one with my sewing machine. I had a little help this time– I took the invitations home with me for a visit to my parent’s house, and my sisters spent an evening laying out the flags, so I could just run them all through the machine.

Our envelopes and pocketfolds were shiny green

We chose a pocketfold invitation

Sewing flags to paper or cardstock is incredibly easy– I didn’t even glue these down or fasten them to the paper in any way, I just made sure they were positioned correctly as they made their way towards the needle. One thing to remember, though, is once you’ve sewn through paper with a needle, you don’t want to use it on fabric, as it becomes dull FAST. I keep my “used” needles in a separate section of my sewing case so I can use them just for this.
I was really happy with how these came out. They were a lot of work, but it was important to me that they fit my aesthetic, and that they were hand-made.

Our self designed wedding invitation

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