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March is my month to design the next Do. Good Stitches quilt for the Love circle. I always look forward to designing the quilt– This is one of my favorite parts of the process. I like to think about the level of difficulty in the blocks I’m asking the circle to make, as well as what colors I want to be inundated with as I work on the quilt.

Lately I’ve been very drawn to turquiose and robin’s egg blues paired with oranges, yellows, and greys. I found a few lovely photos for inspiration on pinterest!

Next I had to think about the actual design. This wasn’t too hard, as I recently found a new tutorial I’ve been wanting to try that incorporates 2 things I’m loving right now– improvisational piecing and chevrons! I found a great tutorial for the blocks through pinterest (anyone seeing a pattern here? I ❤ pinterest!).

I can’t wait to see the blocks as people make them! In the past I have selected colors that are a bit more feminine, and I think sometimes it’s easier to lean that way, but boys need quilts too! So, hopefully these colors will be suited to a kid of either gender.

Do good sitches retro flower block- pink

For our February quilt, Ara Jane asked us to make retro flower blocks using Christina’s pattern. These did take a bit of time to put together, but there was something very satisfying about working with such precise pieces. Of course, as you can see my seams didn’t line up 100% perfectly, but I think they are close enough. I was also glad I read this post from my friend Kate before making my blocks– I was very aware of using a scant quarter inch seam while piecing, and it did make a big difference– I’m happy to report that my blocks all came out the right size!

Do good sitches retro flower block- red

One more note about pinterest— if any of you are on pinterest, let me know your pinterest name so I can follow your boards! Or, if you’re not on pinterest and you want to give it a try and need an invite, let me know! Happy pinning!

**** ETA: I was telling J about my do. Good Stitches quilt plan, and when I told him my color scheme, he said “oh, because of leap day! In honor of Leap Day William!” Yes. That is exactly why I planned the quilt this way.

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