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Hope valley on the fence

Hello everyone! It’s been wayyyyy longer than I had planned since my last post! I have quite a few projects to share, and I can’t wait to reveal some of the Christmas gifts I made this year! (spoiler alert: I made more quilts!).
However, I’ve been slow to return to my normal routine, because I’d been fighting off a cold that turned into pneumonia. And, to top it off, I coughed so hard I broke one of my ribs (hence the title of my post). I have heard this was possible, but I had no idea it could really just happen! It is so, so painful, and I’m hoping it doesn’t take too long to mend, as it’s quite uncomfortable to do anything at the moment, much less sit at my sewing machine. While I’m couch-bound for the next few days, I can finally spend a little time with my blog! There’s nothing like fabric and quilt photos to take my mind off the pain.

Hope valley quilt

I’m really happy to be able to share this quilt, because I had so much fun making it. This was the Christmas gift for my mom, and it was made using one of my all time favorite lines of fabric, Hope Valley. I’ve used this line in a number of projects before, and I love how well it plays with other fabrics.

I went through a few different designs and layouts before deciding on this one. In fact, my friend Brenda suggested using the gray sashing when we were sewing together, and I’m so glad she did– I love the way the gray offsets the bright fabrics. (She does have a good eye for fabric! I’ve also been drooling over some of the new prints in her shop!)
I backed the quilt with a super soft organic sheet, and I love how it has a little sheen to it.

hope valley quilt detail

After my mom opened her gift, I wanted to take some photos, and I was in luck because we stopped by my sister’s in-laws house just after Christmas for a visit, and they have such a great spot for photos– right by their barn where they house their goats! They just got these two little cuties this past summer, and the goats were a little timid but curious enough to come check out the quilt!

Chloe and Izzy, the new goats

Chloe checking out the quilt

Chloe approves of the quilt

Izzy keeping an eye on things

I’m pretty sure my mom loved the quilt, and I’m so glad that she said she can always use more quilts. I told her to let me know when she has enough, and until that day I’ll keep making them for her!

I’ll be back soon with more quilts and projects to share!

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