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nicey jane baby quilt hanging on the rail

Ahh, how I love using Heather Bailey’s line of Nicey Jane fabric for baby quilts. I stocked way up on this fabric last year, when I was using it for assorted wedding quilts and gifts, and I am still not tired of it. I was looking to make a quick, satisfying project a couple of weeks ago, so I cut some 5 inch charm squares, and sewed them up along with white and grey charms.

nicey jane baby quilt

The result was this little quilt– I love how the pattern almost looks like a large scale gingham!

back of the nicey jane quilt

I also used some of the prints on the back of the quilt– This might be one of my favorite quilt backs!

Such a fun little quilt to make and to look at!

nicey jane quilt on the grass

It’s listed in the shop.

nicey jane baby quilt on the porch

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****This giveaway now closed.****
stack of freshcut fabric

This very entry marks my 100th post here at Greenleaf Goods! I’m so thrilled that I made it this far– I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I started blogging, and this really came about because I wanted to share what I was working on with family and friends. Now I’ve found I’m becoming part of an online crafting community, and I couldn’t be happier with all of the inspiration and support I’ve received from you all! As a way of saying thanks, I decided to mark the occasion with my very first giveaway!
When I began sewing about a year ago, one of the first designers I fell in love with was Heather Bailey— I’ve loved nearly everything she’s released, and I stocked up on her Freshcut line of fabric, as it is now out of print! I still love all of these prints, and have used them in a number of quilts and projects. (like this. and this. and this. I also quickly decided that the jellybean print from the freshcut line was perfect for bindings, and so I used it as a binding again and again and again. I wanted to share the love, so I’m offering up a quarter of a yard of the following prints, from the Freshcut and Pop Garden lines:

quarter yards of freshcut

As well as a half yard each of the Jellybean print in green and pink. This should be enough to bind your next quilt (or two), if you choose to use it that way!

freshcut jellybeans

Here’s the catch: I am amazed at how much I’ve been able to learn from tutorials and instructions and advice I’ve found online since beginning to quilt, and I love when people share their own insights! If you’d like to enter the drawing for the fabric, leave me a comment and let me know something you’ve learned lately– it can be about sewing or quilting, or life in general– all information is welcome! And, I plan to follow up with a few posts about things I’ve learned lately, so stay tuned for those!

The giveaway will remain open until Thursday night, and I’ll announce the winner on Friday!

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Nicey Jane Chair

Before Thanksgiving, I wrote a post about a chair I had refinished. I had chosen one of my favorite Nicey Jane fabrics from Heather Bailey for the cushion (the lindy leaf in red), and I was so happy with how bright and crisp the chair turned out. It definitely brightens up my work area! I added some pictures of the chair to a group of Nicey Jane projects on flickr, and I was so surprised a few days later to see that I had a comment on the photo– from THE Heather Bailey!! I couldn’t believe that SHE had looked at and commented on MY photo! It was such a little bright spot in my week, I was so excited knowing that she had liked what I had done with the fabric she designed.

Here’s the picture, and you can click on it to go to flickr to see Heather’s comment or more photos of the chair and other projects!

Nicey Jane recovered chair

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