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Finished Quilts

As some of you know, things have been a little quiet on my blog lately because I’ve been working on finishing my Ph.D. I’m so happy to report that yesterday I successfully defended my dissertation, so now it’s official– you can call me Dr. Greenleaf Goods!

Writing a dissertation is such a long and trying process. In many ways, quilting helped me get through it! The elements of quilting actually have a lot in common with doing a big research project. From the first idea about a new project, to selecting the materials to be used, to pulling everything together and finishing things up, there are many steps in the process, and often others can’t see your vision until it is complete. My dissertation took years and years to finish (as most do), and having tangible, finished quilts along the way to show for my work helped! Also, in reflecting on this process, I realized that when I began conceptualizing my research studies and collecting data, I didn’t know how to quilt! Since I learned, I’ve been totally hooked, and have probably finished upwards of 50 quilts in the past couple of years. Just to get an idea of the volume of quilting I’ve done while completing my dissertation, I put together the mosaic above. This only represents a fraction of the quilts and projects I’ve finished– I still have quite a backlog of other quilts and projects I’d like to document on my blog. One thing I like about keeping track of projects this way is the perspective it gives me– I don’t even think I could remember all of these projects if I didn’t have a record of them!

So– stay tuned, because I have quite a few more projects to share in the upcoming weeks!

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