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Liz's quilt

This quilt was really special for me to make. I had been planning it for quite a long time, as it was a gift for my academic adviser for helping me through my program.

Folded over

I couldn’t possibly have asked for a better mentor– Liz was patient, understanding, funny, and really, really smart. She has a somewhat minimalist, modern style, so I knew incorporating some sort of improv into the quilt would work well. Plus, I didn’t want it to be visually overwhelming, so I kept the design pretty simple. Liz loves gray (as do I!), and her other favorite color is purple. I added the green to round things out, and I was pretty pleased with the results.

Liz's quilt back

For the quilt back, I used the method from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts. I made a couple of bee blocks in this style last year, and I loved the effect. I had been waiting for the right project to work those into, and this definitely fit the bill.

a variety of grays

Scrappy gray binding

I bound the quilt using a bunch of the gray fabrics I used in the front of the quilt. I love scrappy bindings, especially on a quilt that isn’t too busy.

draped on the bench

I think Liz was really surprised when I gave her the quilt just a few days after my defense. It was well received, and it’s absolutely my favorite sort of gift to give– unexpected and very heartfelt. Plus, the peonies were in full bloom when I needed to take a few pictures, making for a very fun evening.

In the peony beds

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Do good stitches quilt in the window

I’m so excited to finally share my finished Do. Good Stitches quilt!

do good stitches finished quilt

Last weekend when I was visiting my parents in Cleveland we drove up to Squires Castle (located in a nearby metro park, and open to the public) to take some photos of the finished quilt.

Squires Castle

Hanging out in the window (the quilt version)

The members of my circle did an amazing job, and although my original plan was to cut up and re-piece all of the strips I received, I couldn’t bring myself to do it! Each strip was so unique and they all looked so amazing together, I just lined up them and added a red border. Deb was kind enough to send a bit extra, and I *love* how the extra chevrons look in the border. Perfect!

finished do good stitches love circle quilt

For the back of the quilt, I raided my stash for red and white fabrics and used a patchwork style to keep things bright and fun!

patchwork do good stitches quilt back

Quilt backs

Ok, so I was also taking photos of another finished quilt that day– one I plan to blog about soon!– and here’s a sneak peek! Of course Simon needed to sneak into the picture.

Simon posing with the quilts

Thanks so much to everyone in the Love circle who contributed to this quilt! I think it will make one kid very happy!

Quilt in the castle

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Flea Market Fancy quilt

My flea market fancy quilt is done, and I couldn’t be happier with it!! Like so many others, I loved this line of fabric (before I even knew who designed it or what it was named!) so much, and when I had a chance to scoop some up last year I didn’t hesitate.

FMF detail

ready for a picnic

I wanted to highlight each print, and I think that part of the beauty of this line is in the colors used for the prints, so I went to my local quilt shop (which, luckily for me, stocks all 220 colors of Kona cotton solids) and picked out 4 colors that coordinated with each print. Once I had the squares done, I had a dilemma about sashing color, and I got such good input from my blog readers! Ultimately, I decided to sash in white, but I still wanted a touch of gray, so I added a border to frame the quilt.

on the porch

FMF quilt on the bridge

For the back, I used a chevron print I had in my stash, along with some grays and leftover strips of solids. For the binding, I used the Kona cotton color raisin.

FMF quilt back

This is the first queen sized quilt I’ve made, and it took quite a while to quilt! I did it all on my trusty little Husquvarna, and I broke the quilting up into a few different sessions so I didn’t get burned out. Also, it involved a lot of binding– I think it took me longer to hand finish the binding than it did to quilt! I really enjoyed the process, though, and now I get to sleep under this baby every night! When I bought the fabric I said that this was my plan for it– I wanted it to be something I enjoyed every day, and I’m so glad I took the time to make this quilt for myself.

FMF quilt hanging out

FMF quilt hanging out

on the ground

Also, thanks so much to my sisters who helped me take photos of the quilt– it was so big it took both of them to hold it up. It’s a good thing they’re both tall!

My sisters

FMF quilt on the porch

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Finished the Love circle's Do. Good Stitches Quilt!

Well, truth be told this has been finished for about a week, but I could never find the time to get a good picture of it, until last night! This quilt was made by the Love circle of the Do. Good Stitches quilting bee, run by Rachel of Stitched in Color. I gave the members of the circle these instructions back in April, and by May I had a pile of quilt squares that had been sent to me to put together into this bright and cheerful quilt.

Patchwork Back of the Do. Good Stitches Quilt

I used a few blocks in the back of the quilt to carry the design through, because I love reversible quilts. I filled out the back with patchworky squares, and added a 5 inch border to the front of the quilt to frame all of the scrappy string blocks.

The quilt finished to about 60 inches square, and will be a good size for a small bed or a throw quilt. I wanted the quilt to be versatile, because we send the finished quilts to the charity Wrap them in Love, which distributes them to children in orphanages. I think this quilt can grow with the child who receives it, and I hope it brightens up their room!

Do. Good Stitches quilt detail

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed blocks to the quilt! I had help from:
Ara Jane

Also, I’d like to thank my helpers on the home front– J often cooks me dinner and always does this dishes, buying me a little extra sewing time. Plus, he holds up all the quilts for my photos!
And Simon always keeps me company. He was very excited when we went outside to take these photos– his tail didn’t stop wagging the whole time! (well, except for when he’s distracted by chasing bugs).

Simon on the deck

Simon's happy tail

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