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Do good stitches improv chevron quilt

A few months back it was my turn to design the quilt for the Love circle of the Do. Good Stiches charity quilting bee. I love designing the quilt– I let the other women in the circle know what type of blocks I want and in what colors, and within a month they all begin rolling into my mailbox! This time I chose an improvisational chevron block (using the tutorial from Six White Horses.) I asked the members of the group to use turquoise and robin’s egg blues paired with oranges, yellows, and greys.

improv chevron quilt

I have creative license to put them together however I want, and it’s always fun to play with different layouts. Usually I would use some sashing to break up the crazy patterns in blocks such as these, but this time I thought they were playing well together and I sewed them all right up next to each other. I love how bright and busy the quilt is, and I’m really hoping it will brighten up the day of the child that receives it through the charity we donate to, wrap them in love.

improv chevron quilt back

For the back of the quilt, I pieced together a number of fabrics in coordinating colors for a bright and patchwork-y back. I just love reversible quilts! Plus, I was able to incorporate the one extra block I had from the front as the focal point.

back of the improv chevron quilt

Thanks so much to all the women in the love circle who contributed to this quilt! I couldn’t have finished this one without you!

improv chevron quilt on the porch

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Yellow + Gray showoff bag

I recently found time to make a new bag for myself– the Showoff Bag! I wanted to make this bag ever since I saw Emily’s (I may have considered trying to sneak it home with me!), and I wasn’t disappointed one bit when I put mine together! The pattern was clearly written and easy to follow, and the bag came together more quickly than I had expected!

Showoff bag interior

The main print for this bag came from U-Fab, a home dec fabric store in Virginia. I paired with with one of the gray prints from Hope Valley for the top of the bag, and lined it with the blue scissor print from Momo’s original Wonderland line of fabric.

blue showoff bag

I was also recently commissioned to make a bag, and I made the same pattern using blue and yellow fabrics. I highly recommend this pattern! I love the size and shape of the finished bag (especially the length of the handles– they’re perfect!), and I use mine every day!

showoff bags

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March is my month to design the next Do. Good Stitches quilt for the Love circle. I always look forward to designing the quilt– This is one of my favorite parts of the process. I like to think about the level of difficulty in the blocks I’m asking the circle to make, as well as what colors I want to be inundated with as I work on the quilt.

Lately I’ve been very drawn to turquiose and robin’s egg blues paired with oranges, yellows, and greys. I found a few lovely photos for inspiration on pinterest!

Next I had to think about the actual design. This wasn’t too hard, as I recently found a new tutorial I’ve been wanting to try that incorporates 2 things I’m loving right now– improvisational piecing and chevrons! I found a great tutorial for the blocks through pinterest (anyone seeing a pattern here? I ❤ pinterest!).

I can’t wait to see the blocks as people make them! In the past I have selected colors that are a bit more feminine, and I think sometimes it’s easier to lean that way, but boys need quilts too! So, hopefully these colors will be suited to a kid of either gender.

Do good sitches retro flower block- pink

For our February quilt, Ara Jane asked us to make retro flower blocks using Christina’s pattern. These did take a bit of time to put together, but there was something very satisfying about working with such precise pieces. Of course, as you can see my seams didn’t line up 100% perfectly, but I think they are close enough. I was also glad I read this post from my friend Kate before making my blocks– I was very aware of using a scant quarter inch seam while piecing, and it did make a big difference– I’m happy to report that my blocks all came out the right size!

Do good sitches retro flower block- red

One more note about pinterest— if any of you are on pinterest, let me know your pinterest name so I can follow your boards! Or, if you’re not on pinterest and you want to give it a try and need an invite, let me know! Happy pinning!

**** ETA: I was telling J about my do. Good Stitches quilt plan, and when I told him my color scheme, he said “oh, because of leap day! In honor of Leap Day William!” Yes. That is exactly why I planned the quilt this way.

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