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People, I hand quilted an entire quilt!!

Hand Quilted Hope Valley Filmstrip Quilt

You can knock that off my bucket list! But seriously– I loved working on this quilt.

Love the drape and the crinkle

I made up the filmstrip quilt top last spring (using the tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts). It’s not my first filmstrip, and I have a feeling it won’t be my last.

Hanging around with some fall colors

I used my favorite line of fabric– Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt, and I love how the colors play together. In general, I am more of a fan of mixing lines of fabric, but these prints are just so lovely together that I couldn’t resist. I used perle cotton (size 8) for the stitches to get that chunky look.

Bound and Backed in Little Folks Voile

I decided to back the quilt in Little Folks voile from Anna Maria Horner, and I would *highly* recommend this as a backing for a quilt you’re hand quilting. It’s so so soft and easy to hand stitch. I used a pastry line print for the binding, and I love how it frames the quilt.

Hope Valley Filmstrip folded up

When I started quilting (on my very first quilt, actually), before I had purchased a walking foot for my machine, and long before I started free motion quilting, I tried hand quilting. And I was miserable. It was hard to sew through the batting, and I couldn’t get into the groove. I thought that if that was what quilting was like, I wouldn’t be making any more quilts! When I discovered the joy of quilting on my home machine, I was hooked, and I couldn’t imagine why anyone would sew a quilt by hand. But slowly, my thinking on this matter changed. I love a long term project, and looked forward to having something to hand stitch in evenings and on car trips. Hand quilting this quilt saw me through all of our trips this summer, including finding a new place to live and making our recent move. It represents more than just my favorite fabrics, it represents the time and care I devote to this craft. I’m so happy with this quilt, and although I never thought I’d say this, I’m excited to get to work on my next hand quilting project!

On the rocks

And a note about the batting– one reason I believe it was so difficult to hand quilt that first quilt was because I did not use a batting that was optimal for hand stitching. This time around I took the advice of some of my knowledgeable guild members in Ann Arbor and went with Quilters Dream Request Loft Batting made from 100% cotton. It made such a difference!!

Hope Valley Filmstrip in the Breeze

And– if anyone out there who happens to read my little blog is considering hand quilting, I encourage you to give it a try! And know that you might not love it the first time around, but that’s ok– there will always be another quilt calling your name on which you can give this a try.

(Simon can’t help but get in a photo of the quilt)

Simon in the picture

I’m linking up with The Bloggers Quilt Festival over at Amy’s Creative Side. Each Spring and Fall Amy hosts this wonderful virtual event that coincides with quilt market to celebrate all of these wonderful quilts, and I’m so happy to join in! Click on the link below to visit her site, and to check out a TON of gorgeous quilts!

Quilt Stats:
Size: 54″ by 62″
Fabric: Kona cotton bone and hope valley (front), little folks voile (back) and pastry line voile (binding)
Special Techniques: Hand Quilted!!! (umm, I’m excited about this, can you tell?)
Quilted by: Me! (otherwise this would be much less impressive)
Best Category for the BQF: Hand quilted, throw quilt, or quilt photography

Amy's Creative Side

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Amy's Creative Side

blue squares improv baby quilt

I’m so excited that it’s time for the bloggers quilt festival again, which is generously hosted by Amy of Amy’s Creative Side! I got to meet Amy briefly last year at the Sewing Summit, and she was awesome and is clearly full of good ideas– the bloggers quilt festival is a way for all of us not attending the annual International Quilt Market to share in the fun. I was sad not to be able to join my friends (Brenda, Anna, Debby, and Lynn, all of whom are in my local modern quilt guild) at market this year, but I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share a new quilt I recently finished!

blue squares improv baby quilt

For lack of a better name, I’m calling this one the blue squares improv baby quilt. This quilt was such a joy to make because I love improvisational piecing– there is something so fun and playful about it, and I love it because you can’t make a mistake or do something wrong! I also love the modern look it creates. For this quilt top, I wanted to feature 4 improv blocks, but I wanted more visual interest, so I added improvisationally pieced blue squares in the upper corner. One friend commented that it looked almost pixelated, as if I had zoomed in on the smaller pieces. I loved that idea, and I think it’s a pretty accurate description!

blue squares improv baby quilt

For the back I kept things simple, and went for connected and framed squares. I love how quickly a baby quilt can come together, and I really enjoy quilting small quilts. I machine quilted it in a meandering, organic pattern (or, “allover” quilting as my friend Emily has said).

blue squares improv baby quilt back

blue squares improv detail

Blue squares quilt back

Thanks so much, Amy, for letting me share this in the quilt festival! And, if you all have a chance, you should head over to Amy’s blog to check out some of the other quilts– there are always a lot to see, and a lot to be inspired by!

baby quilts hanging on the rail

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It’s that time again– twice a year, coinciding with the quilt market events taking place where designers and authors and everyone else involved in the quilt industry get together to introduce their new products, Amy hosts a virtual quilt festival, where anyone wanting to join in the fun can link up to share their work! Follow the link above over to Amy’s blog if you’d like to be seriously inspired.

FMF detail

I had trouble picking which quilt I wanted to share this time around, because I’ve really been branching out in my quilting style lately, and my projects have begun to look more like “me.” But, the one that takes the cake for me is still the first queen sized quilt I made, the one I sleep under every night– my flea market fancy quilt.

Flea Market Fancy quilt

FMF quilt back

This quilt uses one of my favorite techniques of pairing prints with coordinating solids to highlight the colors in the fabric. I tend to make quilts for others and have given away many more than I’ve kept, so making this one for myself was meaningful.

FMF quilt hanging out

FMF quilt on the porch

on the ground

And, using it every day makes me very happy, and makes Simon, my black lab/daschund mix happy too!

Simon on my FMF quilt

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Front and Back

Earlier this year I discovered that while the “real” quilt market is happening, Amy hosts an awesome Blogger’s Quilt Festival where everyone is able to share a link to a quilt they’ve made and the story behind the quilt! I love seeing what everyone else out there has been working on, and it’s great to make a cup of tea and take some time to look through all the quilts and their accompanying stories. So here’s mine!

Stacks of Books

This past year I undertook the most time intensive project I think I’ve made yet– the stacks of books quilt I made for my mom. She loves books more than anyone I know (seriously! I think she’s read everything). Also, since I started quilting she had been hinting that she wanted her own quilt.

Another favorite book

I sketched out this pattern, and cut up what seemed like a million strips of Kona solids (with a few prints mixed in) to make the “books,” and to emphasize the design, I embroidered some of her favorite book titles on some of the book spines before finishing the quilt top.

Favorite books

For the back of the quilt, I used large squares of solid colors that coordinated with the front.

Back of the Stacks of Books quilt

I was so happy (and relieved!) when this quilt was finished, and luckily she loved it as much as I had hoped she would!

Amy's Creative Side | Bloggers' Quilt Festival

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Stacked coins quilt

Over the last couple of days, I’ve loved looking at the accumulating pictures of quilts on Amy’s blog for the Blogger’s quilt festival she hosts. What a great idea! I often meander around the internet, looking at all sorts of new and different things, and it’s kind of amazing to see so many new quilts in one place!

Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival

Here’s mine (and its story)– I started quilting last winter, and I had quite a bit of practice with my sewing machine in a short amount of time, because I decided to make quilts as gifts for family and friends who were in my wedding this past summer. In all, I started and finished (and gave away) 8 quilts, and once all the dust had settled, I realized I missed all those quilts! I definitely needed to make one that was for myself, and this fall I put together a stacked coins quilt using blues, reds, and browns. I used kona cotton in wheat for the sashing, and pieces the back using leftover fabric from the front. The colors pull together elements of our living and dining rooms, and we use it as a throw blanket on our couch. It makes me so happy to have one of my own quilts around to keep warm this fall!

Stacked coins quilt

Stacked coins quilt back

Back of stacked coins quilt

Detail of the front of the stacked coins quilt

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