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hourglass bag

I was really excited when my circle of the Do. Good Stitches quilting bee decided to do a swap! I have only participated in a few swaps previously, because it can get overwhelming to load up on sewing obligations, and truth be told, I am a little protective of my sewing time! However, a swap among friends is always welcome, and I’ve loved getting to know the women in my quilting bee!

love circle swap

I was lucky to draw Rachel as my secret partner because I think I have a good sense of her style. Rachel loves rich, saturated color and patchwork, and appreciates text based prints. She also has expressed a love for linen as a neutral fabric– something I’m totally on board with! So, when I put this all together, I wanted to juxtapose the dense color with the black and white text, and soften it all with the linen. I got to business by making a bunch of hourglass blocks, and decided to form the front of the bag with these.

scrappy handles

I set one block in some patchwork for a pocket on the back, and I made the bag a little larger than usual so that it could hold a quilt or other sizable projects.
I love swapping handmade goods with friends!

Outer pocket on love circle swap bag

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Yellow + Gray showoff bag

I recently found time to make a new bag for myself– the Showoff Bag! I wanted to make this bag ever since I saw Emily’s (I may have considered trying to sneak it home with me!), and I wasn’t disappointed one bit when I put mine together! The pattern was clearly written and easy to follow, and the bag came together more quickly than I had expected!

Showoff bag interior

The main print for this bag came from U-Fab, a home dec fabric store in Virginia. I paired with with one of the gray prints from Hope Valley for the top of the bag, and lined it with the blue scissor print from Momo’s original Wonderland line of fabric.

blue showoff bag

I was also recently commissioned to make a bag, and I made the same pattern using blue and yellow fabrics. I highly recommend this pattern! I love the size and shape of the finished bag (especially the length of the handles– they’re perfect!), and I use mine every day!

showoff bags

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