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Closeup of the 4-square Innocent Crush Quilt

My first finished quilt of the new year (in fact, started and finished!) is the 4-square quilt made with Innocent Crush fabrics, using the fabrics in the “potpourri” colorway. This quilt came about because when I was home over winter break, a good family friend saw the quilt I made for my sister for her birthday, and wanted to know if she could buy it from me. She had a specific purpose for wanting it– her sister is going through chemotherapy right now, and she wanted to find a unique and comforting gift to give to her. Although I couldn’t sell the quilt I was about to give as a gift to my sister, I did tell her I’d make a different one for her, and after discussing her sister’s favorite colors, we decided that using the same fabrics in the potpourri colorway would work well.

Cool Colors Innocent Crush 4-Square Quilt

I wanted the quilt to look similar to the other one I made, but I wanted to get it done a little faster so it could be delivered in a timely manner. Instead of piecing little squares with sashing in between, I decided to simplify that part of the pattern by making 4 square blocks (hence the name of the quilt). Those blocks were then sashed in kona cotton in the color bone, and then when all blocks were ready, the quilt top was assembled. It really came together quickly, and I am happy that it has the same overall feel as the first Innocent Crush quilt I made, but involved a lot less piecing, allowing me to finish it much more quickly!

I backed the quilt using the loves me-loves me not print in grape. I was surprised by how much I liked this particular print for the back of the quilt– the colors were so vibrant and saturated, and gave the quilt a really luxurious feel. (Also, I had to sew 2 pieces of this fabric together so that it would be large enough for the back, and look how well I matched them up! You can barely see where I joined them!)

Back of the 4-square Innocent Crush Quilt

Next up: I’m hoping to finish MY innocent crush quilt by this weekend. The one I’m making for myself is identical to the one I made for my sister– I cut all the pieces at once, and I can’t wait to get it finished and bound. I’m looking forward to more sewing time later this week and weekend! I am anticipating cuddling up under one of these:
Innocent Crush Quilt Finished!

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