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the Huron River

This evening we took Simon for a hike in one of our favorite parks along the Huron River. This is one of my favorite things to do in the evening, especially when the weather is so perfect.

kayakers on the river

pathway covered by trees

picnic on the banks of the river

sun through the trees

The path we took traverses a series of bridges the cross over the river.

bridge over the river

another bridge to cross

view from the bridge

view from a bridge

Simon is not a fan of bridges. If we pull on his leash at all on a bridge, he freezes. This made it difficult tonight, as other people wanted to pass us on the bridge. As soon as we’d try to pull Sime to the side, he’d resist and end up in the middle of the bridge.

Simon does not like the bridges

Simon holding his ground

And, as always, I managed to sneak in a few photos of some new quilts I finished recently. I’ll be posting more info about these soon!

Mosiac baby quilt

nicey jane quilt

I hope you guys had a nice weekend too!

on the banks of the river

dock on the river


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One year ago today, J and I were married.




We wanted our wedding to be a comfortable, fun, local, organic, vintage inspired party. To this end, J grew all of our wedding flowers in our community garden plot. Our bouquets and arrangements included zinnias, black eye susans, bells of ireland, snapdragons, and hosta leaves.

Justin with flowers at the garden

hanging jar of flowers

We used my grandparent’s cake topper for our chocolate cake. It was looking a little yellowed on the bottom, so I sewed it a little pleated skirt!

vintage wedding cake topper

We strung up photos from our time together, as well as family photos along the porch for people to look at.

Wedding Photos

Simon served as our ring bearer. He really knows how to steal the show! I also upcycled my wedding dress– it was the same dress my sister wore the year before, but I had it altered to look like a new (and different!) dress.

Playing with Simon at the wedding

Filmstrip quilt backdrop

I designed and made our save the dates and wedding invitations. They included sewn on mini bunting, and I made matching full sized flags to hang on the porch where we held our reception and over the outdoor altar where we held our ceremony.

Self designed save-the-date

Ceremony site

I made quilts for our friends and family in the wedding party, and used this as an excuse to sharpen my quilting skills!

Stack of wedding quilts

Stacked coins quilt

Filmstrip quilt

zigzag quilt

Striped Wedding Quilt

Striped Wedding Quilt

We used one quilt in particular as a backdrop for our outdoor photo booth. I love seeing this quilt in all of these photos! I want to make another like it. I’m also so glad we thought to have a dry erase board and markers available for guests to write us messages in the photos– these turned out to be my favorite of all of our wedding pics!

Filmstrip quilt backdrop

Filmstrip quilt backdrop

I really can’t believe it’s been a whole year! Time flies when you have a good partner. Love you, J! I’m so excited for the rest of our years together.

family portrait

*** Here are links to the posts I’ve previously written about the things we made for our wedding.***
Things we made, reused, and grew:
Save the Dates


Vintage Cake Topper


Home Grown Flowers

Handmade Gifts:
* Birdie Sling bags can be found here and here
* Stacked coins quilt
* Filmstrip Quilt (which can also be seen as our photobooth backdrop, here)
* Striped Quilts can be found here, here, and here

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More strawberries

Last night J and I managed to squeeze in some strawberry picking. Our summer has been so full, we have something to do pretty much every night! Last night we realized we have plans every night for the rest of the week and through the weekend, so we had to go or we might miss the chance to pick strawberries this season!

Strawberry fields

Unpicked Strawberry

In less than an hour, we picked 16 pounds! We had some for dessert last night, and we usually freeze a whole bunch to use in smoothies throughout the year. Last year I made a strawberry balsamic jam that I loved, and I might try to make that again! My other favorite is a strawberry and tart cherry jam. I love making jam, and I hope we find some time to make some soon! I’m just so glad we didn’t miss the berry picking this year.


Also, it’s been a while since Simon has been featured on the blog, so I thought I’d leave you with this picture of him– it cracks us up how much of a “nester” he is. He will take any rug or pillow or towel or blanket and will make it into a nest and curl up on it. This week I found him laying squarely on the one pillow in the guest room (or, Simon’s room, as we sometimes call it).

Simon's cozy spot

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Finished the Love circle's Do. Good Stitches Quilt!

Well, truth be told this has been finished for about a week, but I could never find the time to get a good picture of it, until last night! This quilt was made by the Love circle of the Do. Good Stitches quilting bee, run by Rachel of Stitched in Color. I gave the members of the circle these instructions back in April, and by May I had a pile of quilt squares that had been sent to me to put together into this bright and cheerful quilt.

Patchwork Back of the Do. Good Stitches Quilt

I used a few blocks in the back of the quilt to carry the design through, because I love reversible quilts. I filled out the back with patchworky squares, and added a 5 inch border to the front of the quilt to frame all of the scrappy string blocks.

The quilt finished to about 60 inches square, and will be a good size for a small bed or a throw quilt. I wanted the quilt to be versatile, because we send the finished quilts to the charity Wrap them in Love, which distributes them to children in orphanages. I think this quilt can grow with the child who receives it, and I hope it brightens up their room!

Do. Good Stitches quilt detail

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed blocks to the quilt! I had help from:
Ara Jane

Also, I’d like to thank my helpers on the home front– J often cooks me dinner and always does this dishes, buying me a little extra sewing time. Plus, he holds up all the quilts for my photos!
And Simon always keeps me company. He was very excited when we went outside to take these photos– his tail didn’t stop wagging the whole time! (well, except for when he’s distracted by chasing bugs).

Simon on the deck

Simon's happy tail

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Bibs and Books

baby bib with blue tie

A friend of mine had a baby a few weeks ago, and I wanted a little something to give to her to celebrate. I decided bibs would be functional and cute, so I made these up in an afternoon.

bibs backed in terry cloth

I didn’t follow a pattern, I just made a shape I liked and went for it. I backed the bibs in a soft terry cloth so they’ll be comfy and easy to wash. I’m happy with how they turned out, I may have to make more in the future!

Baby bibs

Simon and I have been going for a lot of hikes now that it’s nicer out! He was really worn out the other day when we got home– he fell asleep under the table with his head on the chair leg. I can’t imagine that this was comfortable, but he slept like this for a while!

Simon asleep under the table

Also, I got completely hooked by the hunger games books this past week. Luckily, my friend Jen owns the books and was able to lend them to me, and I charged through until I finished! I love reading, and I’m always looking for the next great book to read– have any of you read anything good soon? I love getting recommendations!

book obsessed

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Simon running in the Latchfords yard

Wow, life (and work) have been so busy lately I haven’t been able to keep up with everything! I have been sewing a bit, so I’ll have some new stuff to share soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d post a few of my favorite silly Simon pics. The photo above is from when we were camping a few summers ago.

This one is from when we were taking a hike. I caught him mid-yawn.

Simon on the bridge

And finally, Simon just being Simon. He has been known to actually sleep like this for extended periods of time.

Sometimes Simon is so weird.

Next time: Fabric! And sewing pictures! Promise!

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Nicey Jane Quilt

About a month ago, a friend of my mom’s asked if I’d be interested in making a baby quilt for her soon-to-be-born granddaughter. I jumped at the chance, and I was very excited when we decided on using the Nicey Jane line of fabrics.

Nicey Jane Quilt Finished!

We chose a fairly simple design to really highlight the colors and prints from this line. I continued the design through the back of the quilt by adding a strip of squares with sashing. I also made a string of bunting flags to go along with the quilt– although I haven’t found an easy way to photograph those yet. I’ll share a pic as soon as I have one!

Nicey Jane Quilt Back

In other news, I *finally* worked up the courage to start on some of the curved piecing for my single girl quilt this weekend, and I have my first square done! I’m making a queen sized quilt for our bed, so my official count is: 1 square down, 15 to go. I think this might take me a while, but I think I’ll try to pin a few curves every evening to make it more manageable. It’s a little gray and dreary here, so I haven’t been able to get a picture yet, but I’m hoping to share one soon!

And, finally, here’s my favorite Simon photo from this week: He’s so cuddly and loves to be near us, and one morning he curled up right behind J. He’s so silly!

Simon sleeping on J

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