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Kona color card

As I mentioned yesterday, I had sooo much fun at the sewing summit. One of the great things about it was all of the swag I got to bring home! I’m looking forward to trying some new thread, batting, and using other goodies I got! At the end of Jeni’s class on fabric selection, we were lucky enough to all get Kona color cards. These are so useful when trying to find solids for a project, and I love the one I already have. Now that I have 2, I thought this would be the perfect thing to share with one of you! After all, I can’t talk about how great the sewing summit was without sharing something with you all!

kona color card

I found the Kona color card to be VERY helpful when working on a project such as this:

FMF detail

Matching all of those solid fabrics is SO much easier when you can see an actual swatch in person!
So, if you’d like to enter to win the Kona color card, leave me a comment on this post, and introduce yourself (that is, if I don’t already know you!). Say hi, tell me where you’re from or if you have a blog, or any little thing. I had so much fun meeting up with my bloggy friends this past weekend that I’d like to keep it going and get to know you all a little more!
I’ll leave the comments open until Sunday at 1pm, at which time I’ll pick a winner.

Flea Market Fancy quilt

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sewing summit inspiration!

Now that I’m back from the Sewing Summit, I’ve been thinking about how to capture all of the excitement and fun from the weekend so I can share it with you all! First of all, I want to thank Erin and Amy for all of their hard work– this was a HUGE undertaking, and they pulled it off beautifully. All of us that were able to attend are so grateful that they had such a good idea and the dedication to pull it off!

check out all those fabric lanyards

When I arrived Friday and checked into the conference, I was immediately impressed by the level of detail– everything was so well planned and so thoughtful, down to the handmade fabric lanyards for our nametags! I went with a Joel Dewberry print for mine, one of my faves! I shouldn’t have been surprised when I met up with my roomate, Kate, and she had picked out the exact same one– one of the things we bonded over was our similar taste in fabric!

At the welcome reception Friday night, I kept feeling like I was seeing people I “knew”– it was kind of surreal to be in a room full of people, many of whom I recognized, but hadn’t actually met! Friday evening I went to dinner with a group organized by my friend Rachel, and I was really excited to get a chance to talk to Mary Catharine, as I’ve been following her blog and her work in the Do. Good Stitches bee for a while now! After dinner we had a Do. Good Stitches meetup, and Rachel taught me how to crochet. It was something I never tried before, and given that my crochet looked a little more like a parallelogram than a rectangle when I was done with it, I think there might be a reason why I haven’t given it a try! I think I’ll stick with quilts for now!

fat quarters ready to be swapped!

I also accompanied Kate to drop off her fat quarters for the swap, and it was a sight to behold! A group was organizing them by color, and it was amazing to think about all of this fabric coming from all over the country to be swapped.

free motion quilting class

Saturday morning classes started, and this was something I was really, really looking forward to– I wanted to expand my skills, and I love learning new techniques and sewing tricks! My first 2 classes were held in the sewing room, and I took improv piecing with Jess and free motion quilting with Allison.

Me and Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew

working on my FMQ skills

Allison showing us how she quilts

I loved trying out new free motion quilting designs, and I loved hearing Allison’s techniques for quilting!

Jeni's class at the sewing summit

In the afternoon, I took Jeni’s class on fabric selection, and Amanda’s class on mini quilts. Both were so thoughtful and provided so much inspiration– I jotted down a bunch of notes that I’m hoping I can decipher now that I’m home!

check out all those kona color cards!

Also, after talking to us about creative fabric selection, Jeni surprised us all with Kona color cards! Yay for solid color fabric!

shopping for fabric in SLC

fat quarters at the quilt shop

at the quilt shop in SLC

When classes were finished, I was lucky enough to hang out with Kate, Kristie, and Sam! We did some very successful fabric shopping, and it was so fun to be shopping in person (not online) with my online friends! It was hard to narrow down my choices, but I knew I would have trouble fitting much extra in my suitcase, so that helped keep me in check!

sewing night at the summit

Saturday night it seemed like just about everyone was in the sewing room!

Kristie and her innocent crush quilt progress

Kristie was working on a gorgeous Innocent Crush quilt– it made me want to make another one of my own!

creative photo taking at the summit

And there was some creative photo taking going on. This made for a great shot!

Kate and her baby quilt top

I assisted Kate, who was working on a stacked coins quilt top for a quilt she’s donating to 100 quilts for kids. It is so much fun working on a project with a friend!

Sunday I took a photography class with Vanessa, and then a home decor class with Erin. I’ve never had a lack of ideas for new projects, but after these classes I have about a million more things I want to make. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone, but luckily before we headed out of town there was time for a quick brunch with Kate, Lee, Faith, and Faith’s sister Rachel.

the mormon temple

the tabernacle

Kate and I even managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the Mormon temple– it was definitely worth stopping by, I’m glad I got to see it while we were there.

Erin and her sewing summit quilt

I’m still reflecting on it all, and I’m so glad I took the risk and decided to go! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is sewing and/or blogging– it was amazing to meet some of the people in this supportive community, and I hope to make it to another summit in the future!

our mountain view

One last thing– I’d hate to have all the fun and not share some with you all, so check back tomorrow– I just might have a little sewing summit giveaway for you!

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