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Ocean quilt top

ocean quilt top

I was talking to my sister last night and was telling her about this quilt top I just finished, and she wanted to see a picture so here it is! One of the reasons I wanted to blog was to keep my friends and family up to date on my crafty endeavors, and so I realize I need to post photos of things as I’m working on them, not just when they’re finished!

Ocean Quilt top

This quilt top was made (mostly) with hope valley prints and kona cotton solid fabrics. The inspiration was ocean colors, and I’m piecing the back with a few large pieces of kona in my favorite blues. I’m hoping to finish it up by next week!
(Also, I love how Simon was trying to help out in these photos– he almost blends in, but you can see his little face next to the bottom of the quilt top).

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Color stack for Do Good Stitches Quilt

This month it’s my turn again to design the quilt for the Love circle of the Do. Good Stitches quilting bee. Instead of asking each member to make 2 blocks (as per usual), I asked for one strip from each person that is 6.5 by 48 inches long. Each strip can be pieced in any style, and I think a variety of styles would look best in the quilt! I have an idea about how to put the strips together that’s a little different (as in, I’m not just planning to sew them all together as is!), and the more variation the better!

I asked for strips using the colors red, plum, and gold. I can’t wait to make mine, and to see how this quilt comes together!




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fabric stack

Things have been a little busy around my house lately– my sisters were visiting from out of town (I was so sad to see them leave this morning!), and while they were here I wrangled Liv (my younger sis) to fold the rest of my fabric for me! She’s just started sewing, and is already able to identify lines of fabric and designers! I promised her a little fabric in return for her help 🙂

As we were organizing my stash, and I was taking note of the many, many projects building up, I thought it was time for a really realistic check-in with my projects. I don’t usually put this all out there, because I tend to be working on so many things at once it feels overwhelming to actually write them all down! But, work is picking up a bit and I really need to prioritize my projects.

fabric color inspiration

Before I spill the beans about everything I’ve got going on, I snapped a few pics of fabric I pulled for a new quilt. I started with the 4 fabrics (in the pic above) from Heather Ross’s far far away 2 line. I didn’t actually use these in the quilt– but I loved the color combo so much I wanted it to guide my fabric choices. I’d been wanting to do something with orange in it, and this really helped shape the palate.

So, then I broke each color out individually and found fabrics that stayed pretty true to that tone:





Then, (and here’s a true work in progress shot!) I cut them all up. And I’ve been sewing them together, and should have a new quilt to show you soon!

In progress

I also finished the binding on my flea market fancy quilt– I have the big reveal of the whole quilt (which I realize I haven’t yet shown!) later this week.

almost finished

So, here’s the damage–

Things I need to finish soon:
1. Do. Good Stitches Bee Blocks
2. For the love of solids swap items (this is half done, and I have a plan for the rest!)
3. Habitat challenge blocks for the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild (due at our next meeting… next week!)

Things I have in progress, but that don’t have an immediate “due date”:
4. Felted scarves (a custom order– one blue, one green)
5. Felted scarves for the fall craft show
6. Ocean inspired quilt (commissioned for a wedding– needs to be done by the end of September. All the fabric’s cut, just needs to be sewn)
7. Binding on 2 baby quilts for my etsy shop (yep, just the bindings are left. Almost finished!)
8. Throw quilt using the fabrics pictured above! (all blocks are made, just need to be squared and sewn together)
9. Wall hanging for my mom (blocks are made, and need to be squared)
10. Hope valley filmstrip quilt (all the pieces are cut– just need to sew them together!)
11. curtains for my living room (fabric is ready to be cut, and I keep imagining how good it will look when they’re done!)
12. Scrappy quilt (I pulled out all the scraps I want to use for this one and totally know (in my head) what it will look like– just need to get sewing!)

Argh, it sounds like a lot, but I always manage to get things done! I think it helps to be realistic about the WIP list– last night I sketched out 3 new quilt designs I’d love to try, but clearly I need to focus some attention on my current projects first! My ideas always seem to outpace my ability to sew them– Does anyone else have this problem?

Also– one last thing– Lee (from Freshly Pieced, who hosts the WIP Wednesday each week) has entered a design in the connecting threads fabric design contest, and she needs votes for her design! You can find her design (“Flourish,” by Lee Heinrich) here. Check it out if you have a chance!

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When sewing blocks for a quilt, one of the most important steps is “squaring up”– that is, making sure all blocks are of uniform size and shape and are perfectly square. Squaring up a block is pretty straightforward, but recently when I was squaring up a bunch of blocks for a quilt, I started using this trick to make things run a little more smoothly and quickly.

taping off the cutting lines

First, I take 2 pieces of masking tape and I align them on my cutting mat based on the size of the blocks I am trimming. In this case, I was trimming blocks to be 8.5 inches square, so I made sure the inner edge of the pieces of tape were 8.5 inches apart.

Laying down the block

Next, I laid my square between the pieces of tape. I just eyeball it to make sure the middle is centered, but you could mark this off with tape, too.

one edge trimmed

I position my ruler along the inner edge of the tape, and I trim the block. Note– I also make sure the ruler is lined up with the grid lines on the mat above and below the tape to ensure that the cut is perfectly straight. But, having the tape as a guide makes it much faster to line the blocks up and trim evenly from both sides.

All square

After trimming 2 sides, turn the block to trim the remaining sides. Make sure that the trimmed sides line up perpendicular to the taped lines. I usually pick a horizontal line on the mat and make sure my edge is flush with it before trimming.

And there you have it! Perfectly square blocks, all trimmed quickly with the “cheat” lines taped onto the mat.

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Fabric for my giveaway!

First up, we have a winner! Thanks so much to everyone who entered the giveaway! I consulted random.org, who informed me that our winner is number 30– Kristie from OCD! Kristie, I’ll be sending you an email to arrange to send your fabric.

I also finished up a quilt this week. This quilt is a gift, and will be given to its new owner this weekend! I made up the design as I went and kept things simple.

Finished squares quilt

The funny thing is, in this quilt I used some of the fabric that I got in a giveaway from Kristie earlier this year! I was planning to post about the quilt this week, and when I realized the coincidence, that I was posting about the quilt I made with some of the fabric I won from Kristie, and she was the winner of my giveaway, I had to put it all together in the same post.

Back of the squares quilt

Earlier this week, Kristie posted about a new project she is working on using her stash of Little Folks fabric, and I commented that I was excited to see her project as it progressed because I just picked up some of this fabric myself, and I am looking forward to using it! Kristie jokingly replied that if I didn’t have any Little Folks, she was going to see if she could bribe me with her scraps so she would win the giveaway. But no bribing necessary– random.org did the choosing for me, and it just seemed too funny that Kristie ended up winning! So, I couldn’t help but think, what goes around comes around! I guess the moral of the story is that it’s good to have a giveaway once in a while and share the fabric love, because you never know when you’ll get some in return!

Quilt close up

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Fabric for my giveaway!

Today is my birthday! And to celebrate, I though I’d share the love by giving away some of my favorite fabric! I love hearing from all my blog readers, and I wanted to show my appreciation today!

I'm giving away these charm squares!

I’ve had so much fun working on my Flea Market Fancy quilt, and I wanted to give someone else a shot at playing with some of these gorgeous fabrics, so I raided my stash and came up with this selection of charm squares from my one of my favorite fabric designers, Denyse Schmidt!

This includes 2 charm squares of each print pictured here, including fabric from her lines of Flea Market Fancy, Katie Jump Rope, and Hope Valley. I made sure there were a range of colors so any sort of project or color scheme would be possible with these prints!

DS Charm Squares

The giveaway will be open until this Thursday night, and I’ll announce the winner on Friday. To enter, leave me a comment and tell me your favorite or funniest or best birthday story! Or, if your birthdays have been uneventful, let me know who your fabric designer is and what fabric lines you have your eye on this summer!

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Help me out!

Which sashing color looks better with my Flea Market Fancy squares– light grey, or a crisp white?


White background


Light Grey Background

(Sorry– I know it’s hard to tell the difference in the pictures.) I just can’t decide which sashing color to go with. Do you have a preference? Which would you pick?

Thanks for weighing in! And– be sure to check back on Monday… I just might be giving away some of my favorite fabric!

DS Charm Squares

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I think I need to do an update on my works in progress at least once a month so I can keep track of everything! In the next few weeks I’m trying to finish a lot of these projects, and I’m looking forward to a clean(ish) slate once I get these done!

Quilting in progress

First, I’m literally in the middle of quilting a throw size quilt I’m making as a gift. It is currently shoved about halfway through my machine. This is the most likely to be done soon!

FMF blocks in progress

I also have made more blocks for my flea market fancy quilt. I haven’t trimmed them yet, but I have them up on my wall so I can look at them all the time! I’m still trying to decide on a sashing color…

SUTK fabrics

I pulled this stack of fabric for my Spicing up the Kitchen swap! I need to get that done next week.

fabric for baby quilt

And I have this stack ready to go for a baby quilt. I’m also hoping to get this one done soon!

Plus, I have a couple of under the radar projects I’m planning to blog about soon. I didn’t want to reveal them too soon, since one is a {surprise} gift, and one is my Kona solids challenge quilt for the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild! We’re revealing those at our meeting next week, so I’ll be sharing soon!

first finished single girl ring

I also managed to sew 4 more pieces of my single girl quilt this week! 4 curves = 1 circle. So, I figure if I can sew 1 circle a week, it may take me about… 3 months to finish. This is definitely my long term project! But, I am still enjoying it, and I am excited to see it come together.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Thanks, Lee, for encouraging us to share our WIP’s!

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FMF blocks

I’m in love!

I decided last week that it was time to cut into my very small stash of flea market fancy, and I can’t sop gazing at the first set of blocks I made. Although I had a little trepidation about cutting into these prints, I figure that fabric is meant to be used, right? Plus, I think it would make me super happy to have all of these bright colors on my bed in a lightweight summer quilt.

FMF blocks closeup

I still have a number of blocks to make, but I can already tell that this quilt is going to be one of my all time faves!

FMF blocks closeup

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We Have a Winner!

quarter yards of freshcut

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my 100th post! I wish I had fabric to send to each and every one of you. I also really appreciate hearing about all of the lessons you’ve learned– it was humbling, and reminded me that there’s a lot I have to learn about sewing and quilting, too.

And our winner is…

Comment 19, Lee from Freshly Pieced! Lee has an amazing blog, and has made some of my favorite quilts (this one in particular motivated me to start my own single girl quilt!), you all should check out her blog if you haven’t already! Congrats Lee, I’ll contact you soon to arrange sending you the fabric!

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