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etsy 1

It has been far too long since I’ve restocked my etsy shop, but I finally had a chance to update it, and now it’s filled with some soft and cozy goodies!

etsy 5

I made a large batch of upcycled scarves last year for craft shows, and I had a few left, ready to be listed for purchase! All scarves are made from sweaters containing only natural fibers that felt when washed (i.e., lambswool, merino, cashmere, etc.), and I always chose sweaters that were both soft and colorful for these projects!

etsy 4

My prism scarves were always a top seller at the craft fair, I think because people just can’t resist all of that color!

etsy 2

My latest twist on this last year was when I started working with JUST cashmere– and let me tell you, I am in love with the results! I made a test scarf that I wear nearly every day because it is so so soft and warm. My skin is sensitive to scratchy or itchy fibers, and I never have any problem with the cashmere. Cashmere can be a bit stretchy and slippery when sewing it, so to keep things sturdy and stable I made these scarves double-sided, with all raw seams enclosed on the inside. This makes for a reversible (and extra warm!) color blocked scarf. I try to keep similar colors together, as they tend to blend well and look nice no matter which way the scarf is tied.

etsy 3

etsy 5

I have a handful of these listed now, so get them while you can! I also have a few new baby quilts listed, which I’ll post about soon!

etsy 3

And through the end of the month I’m offering a 15% discount for Greenleaf Goods readers– just enter the coupon code GreenleafFan when you check out!

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hourglass bag

I was really excited when my circle of the Do. Good Stitches quilting bee decided to do a swap! I have only participated in a few swaps previously, because it can get overwhelming to load up on sewing obligations, and truth be told, I am a little protective of my sewing time! However, a swap among friends is always welcome, and I’ve loved getting to know the women in my quilting bee!

love circle swap

I was lucky to draw Rachel as my secret partner because I think I have a good sense of her style. Rachel loves rich, saturated color and patchwork, and appreciates text based prints. She also has expressed a love for linen as a neutral fabric– something I’m totally on board with! So, when I put this all together, I wanted to juxtapose the dense color with the black and white text, and soften it all with the linen. I got to business by making a bunch of hourglass blocks, and decided to form the front of the bag with these.

scrappy handles

I set one block in some patchwork for a pocket on the back, and I made the bag a little larger than usual so that it could hold a quilt or other sizable projects.
I love swapping handmade goods with friends!

Outer pocket on love circle swap bag

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Working on my single girl!
Working on my Single Girl!

Things have been busy around here– lots of sewing going on, mostly on the weekends (I have some new quilts to share soon!). Plus, I am aiming to finish my dissertation in the next few months, so LOTS of working/writing happening behind the scenes! That’s why I have been in love with the idea of sharing a few snapshots here and there of what’s happening around here– sometimes I get caught up in the idea of writing a full post about a finished project that it’s hard to find the time to blog, but I always have so many little things going on that I’d love to share. Also– ever since I discovered how to use my instagram app on my phone, I’ve been better at documenting the little things!

I have been…

Baking blueberry cake (you can find the recipe here)

Organizing my office:

Documenting some graffiti around town while I walk Simon:

Graffiti on the morning walk

As well as some very cool sidewalk art:

Sluggo's valentines day

Hitting up the gym– time to get back in shape after my convalescence!

@ the gym

Working on some new projects:

And hanging out with this guy:

What have you all been up to?

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Thanksgiving table runner detail

Wow, the last couple of months have gone by so fast! I’m so grateful to take a quick break and to spend some time with my family for Thanksgiving. My sister was so kind to invite us to join her for the holiday, but sadly we didn’t have enough time off work to travel there and back (it’s about an 11 hour drive, so I would love to move closer!). I wanted to let her know we were there in spirit, so I managed to get a little sewing in and whipped up this fall-inspired table runner to send. I hope it brightened up their table!

Thanksgiving table runner

the back of the Thanksgiving table runner

I haven’t had as much time to blog the last few months, because as I’ve mentioned before, I’m finishing up my Ph.D. this year, and work responsibilities have taken over! In addition to finishing my dissertation, I’ve been teaching a class, applying for jobs and postdoctoral fellowships, mentoring undergraduates, working as a research assistant for my adviser, and continuing to work on ongoing research projects. Needless to say, I’ve had significantly less time to sew, blog, and keep up with my favorite blogs 😦 I’m hopeful that things will calm down soon, because I’ve really been missing my sewing machine! Plus, I have a few holiday gifts in the works I need to get done! So, stay tuned– I promise I’ll have a few more big projects finished soon to share here!

Simon hoping for some turkey!

And, I hope everyone has had a happy, warm, and safe holiday! Simon has been enjoying himself, and even managed to snag a little turkey.

Celebrate Color

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party bunting

Last week I hosted a baby shower for my friend Karen (the one whom we gifted a nicey jane baby quilt!).

It was the first baby shower I’ve hosted, and it was so much fun planning and picking out food, decorations, and a crafty activity! We used some fabric flags I had on hand to give a party atmosphere, and chose a number of snacky foods that would be easy to eat while chatting.


We decided to buy a big stack of white onesies and a rainbow of fabric paints, and asked the shower guests to go to town designing and creating onesies. This was a great activity, as it gave people something to do and a chance to exercise their creative muscles, but in a low-stakes format.

onesie painting station

Our friend Hilary (who is, appropriately, a librarian AND in bookclub with Karen and I) created one of my favorites when she went with a book theme:

bookworm onesie

Since I spend so much time in the garden, I was inspired to encourage veggie consumption:

veggies onesie

J had the great idea to make a onesie that referenced Karen’s alma mater:

Hook em Horns onesie

And there were a number of other fun designs:

Michigan onesie

painting the onesies

I highly recommend this to others planning a baby shower! In fact, I was inspired by my friend Kate’s onesie activity she shared on her blog a few months ago. Thanks for the inspiration!

all the onesies

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I was browsing pinterest a couple of weeks ago when I came across these photos:

Source: etsy.com via Natalie on Pinterest

And, of course, I wanted to make my own right away! Luckily for me, my mom was visiting last weekend and is always game for a good craft project, so following the directions found here (via pinterest– love that site!), we found some felt in fall colors, whipped up some flowers, and glued them to our grapevine wreaths.
fall wreath

I’ve been a little obsessed with red, plum, and gold this fall (see my fabric choices for this month’s do. Good Stitches quilt here), so that’s what I went with for my wreath.

wreath closeup

It was a pretty fast and simple project, and I’m so pleased with the results! My mom took hers home before I could get a good pic, but she promised to send one when she has a chance.

felt flowers on my new fall wreath

I am also so glad I found a few minutes to take some photos and post about this project, because I’ve been wanting to link up to celebrate color! Head over there to learn more, and to see some amazing fall-colored inspired projects.

Celebrate Color

Has anyone else been inspired to replicate something they’ve seen on pinterest?

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