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Mixtape Quilt

I’ve got a new project in the works… a mixtape quilt. I love the layout of this quilt, and I couldn’t resist purchasing this pattern from Oh Fransson! I decided to go with red and white prints to make the blocks, and I’m using a tan fabric for sashing. Next up: ironing and sewing the rows together. I’m hoping to have the top finished within a week or two, because I can’t wait to see what it looks like all put together!

In the pattern, Elizabeth mentioned using stickers with numbers (and letters, in this case) to categorize and keep track of blocks. This suggestion is ingenious, and I have been using this system on other projects to keep track of my layout of blocks and rows. I dug through my office supplies and found some blank file folder labels that I cut up for the job, and they have been perfect. They stick to the fabric without coming off too easily, but they don’t leave any residue when I do remove them.

Here is a sneak peek of the rows that have been sewn.

I’m planning to give this quilt as a gift, and I think it may be hard to part with. I’m already scheming about making one for myself in the future!


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Adding to the stash

I recently ordered these lovely fabrics from etsy. I have visions of turning them into quilts…and wedding decorations… and gifts… and whatever else I can dream up!

These are from Heather Bailey’s line of Freshcut fabric, which is now out of print. I just joined the quilting world recently, and I’ve found there’s a significant learning curve in terms of fabric. I began my education at my local sewing and fabric stores, and have continued learning by reading blogs and books and, most importantly, making a mental note when I see something I like.

Obviously, I realized I like the bright colors and clean patterns in the Freshcut line! And while I didn’t have a specific project for these fabrics in mind, knowing they’re available for a limited time was good motivation to act now.

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Spectrum Quilt

As I’ve been working my way up to making a full sized quilt, I have been collecting my favorite fabrics and have wanted to put them together in a simple way that highlights each fabric. I had a stack of fabrics on my shelf for a while, and I loved looking at them. They were like a burst of sunshine in this very gray winter. So finally I decided– enough was enough, I needed those fabrics in a quilt to go on my wall.

So, without further ado, here is the Spectrum Quilt!

I was a little hesitant as I was starting this quilt, because I knew I wanted to try my hand at free motion quilting. I’ve never done that before, aside from practicing on a few scrap pieces of fabric, and I’m really pleased with how it came out. I honestly don’t think you can tell it was my first try.

I also was very happy with the binding. I used Heather Bailey’s jelly bean fabric in green from her Freshcut line of fabrics. This line is now out of print, and so I’m glad I scooped some of this up from the local fabric store before they sold out.

This quilt is bound for my office, where I’ve got no windows and (as of yet) nothing on the walls. It is definitely time for a shot of color to keep me feeling awake and inspired while I work. For now, though, the quilt is looking pretty good in my reading nook.

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